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Winning Tenders help with funding application to The Prince’s Countryside Trust

Having met via The Business Network, Exeter, Winning Tenders’ Ian Smith offered to assist Jon Duckham, Fundraising Manager of WESC, with a funding application to The Prince’s Countryside Trust (PCF).

The WESC Foundation is a specialist centre for the visually impaired providing high-quality education and care that increases learners’ opportunities. The project was to look for funding to help an outdoor learning centre utilising some land at West Hill near Honiton. The aim is to establish a horticultural and forest school to aid visually impaired young adults to develop transferable skills, ultimately to increase their future employability through enhancing their opportunities and experience.

west hill planting trees
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Tendering for Smart Cities? Allow us to help you!

For a major bid for a systems integrator (SI) to a large city in the England as part of its Smart Cities* programme Winning Tenders was asked to participate and produce a 100-page solution description.

This project was about the Hub – Control Room which would combine four different networks/systems:

• Alarms / separate CCTV
• Telecoms
• Traffic Lights / separate CCTV.

These systems all existed previously in separate ‘silos’. Under this project all would be merged into one and relocated to the new Hub.

The SI would provide a common platform / portal. The common platform can then be commercialised so other councils and companies can use it and it will generate a revenue stream for the city.
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Winning Tenders only employ Winners ;)

Congratulations to Joanne Manville on becoming South West VA of the Year 2017!

Winning Tenders is an equal opportunities employer, you simply need to be a Winner… that’s why we ask Joanne to be our VA (Virtual Assistant) last year – we knew she was a Winner right from the initial interview.

The UK VA Awards organised by Storm Media and Publishing Limited are now in their 11th Year and recognised by VA’s across the land as an Award worth having. The organisers are looking to find the champions of good practice for Virtual Assistants. The Awards Panel of Judges are particularly keen to assess the candidate’s passion for the business and their awareness of vision, purpose and values – and how that is applied to their successful business model.

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Red Team Review

Red Team Review – Successful bidding and tendering is not a matter of chance

It’s a logical process that needs specific skills in analysis, bid writing and presentation delivery – our Red Team review ensures the buyer is the central focus.

We have seven highly qualified and experienced bid writers who are also capable of managing the whole bid process when required. However, if your team has creative bid writing skills yet your tenders are missing the mark, we can really add value through running a “Red Team Review” of your draft ‘near final’ bid:

• This includes a thorough analysis of the ITT and research into the buyer so we develop a clear understanding of just what the buyer is looking for.

• We then review your ‘near final’ bid documents from the perspective of the evaluator so we ensure that the key messages are fully aligned to what the client is asking for.

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