Is it really cricket to contact lawyers about writing tenders?

We spend a lot of time helping Sales & Marketing professionals to understand that tender writing requires a different set of skills to the ones they usually deploy.

With lawyers you might argue that they are traditionally spin bowlers, trying to put the other party off their game but with tenders you need to be bringing the other team onside.

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Try out our eLearning Course on Finding Tender Opportunities

In 2016 the UK Public Sector purchased goods and services to the value of £760 billion – all of it procured by tender. The number of officially published tenders was c.17,000, excluding those without a published value.

The tender process is designed to promote fairness, transparency and efficiency in the procurement of goods and services. It is used in both the private and public sectors, with the latter being tightly governed by regulation.

So, how do you find the tender opportunities that are right for your business? We have created an online course which takes you through the process and will help you to engage with it.
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elliot myatt and guy heynes entrepreneurs

The Magic Roundabout of the Exeter Business Scene

With all the uncertainty over Brexit in the air we can do well to ‘think more local’ by making the most of our real-world business connections — people we actually know and trust – to work together and help each other to maximise opportunities.

On Wednesday morning Elliott Myatt from Play Area Hygiene Services (PAHS) proudly announced on LinkedIn that they had won their first tender!

“Don’t sound so surprised!”, I thought, you had the Winning Tenders team on your side ;-).
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Tender Research Service for Busy Sales Teams

Are you generally happy to complete your own tenders but could benefit from a third party helping with research for tender opportunities, identifying which tenders you would have the best chance of winning?

Our team of bid writers love writing tenders but when they are not doing so, they like looking for tenders that match a client’s profile, knowing that if they were writing the tender we’d have a 75% or better chance of winning.

Once found, we’ll hand the ITTs over to you for your team to write.
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Recruitment Tenders – 3 examples

Why should recruitment agencies consider growing their businesses through tendering?

Sometimes it’s the only way you’ll be able to do business with public sector organisations: they must be seen to be utterly fair so the process has to be transparent and bids are measured carefully against the published scoring. However, the tender process can be challenging and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Winning Tenders has helped the following recruitment agencies to win sizeable public sector contracts:
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