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Looking to network with London businesses from the South West?

If you’re selling cheap shoes then ebay is the way all day long but if you want designer shoes, do you go to Asda or phone the PM for a recommendation?

So it is with service-led SME businesses… people need to know, like and trust you before they’ll do business and The Business Network Exeter is a great way to meet business owners from the South West. Apart from the lunch itself there’s always a great free seminar beforehand for you to learn something new.
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the debrief

Why the tender wasn’t won

Not only is it common courtesy to tell unsuccessful bidders why they have not been selected, for many organisations it is also essential to provide a debrief.

When someone has gone to a great deal of effort to win the bid and produce a high quality tender document that gets them through to the tender shortlist presentation, then telling them why they didn’t win the contract makes all parties feel good.
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Looking for University Tender Opportunities?

If a university invites tenders for £10,000,000 per year then there is a jolly good chance that they will have a need for the goods and services you have to offer.

In order to join in the university tender process then you are likely to be asked to register with them before you can apply for tender documents to bid for a specific contract.
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Training in Tender Writing

At Winning Tenders not only do we write and win an amazing number of bids, we also coach new and existing tender writers how to improve their success rate.

Tender writing is an art, just as sales and marketing are similar but use different skills. Good tender writing combines the ability to communicate clearly with addressing the tender requirements succinctly – and not drifting into sales pitch mode, as so often happens.

Our bid writing workshops have been put together based on our team’s extensive experience – over 100 years of tender writing between them, generating well over £100m recently. The experience and expertise we have gathered, and the kinds of bid that we have worked on, ensures that our capabilities are recognised and appreciated by major organisations.

Why are we the best at training? Bid Manager and Trainer, Claire Meredith gives us three reasons:
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