373 Group Business Awards Finalists

And the 373 Group Business Awards Finalists are…

Most businesses don’t win business awards because they don’t enter business awards in the first place! Perhaps they lack confidence or simply can’t be bothered.

We took the time to enter three relevant categories thus making it easier for the judges to choose Winning Tenders Limited as a Business Award finalist.


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SME business gains from BREXIT

In Monday’s Telegraph Business section, respected economist Roger Bootle says:

‘Brexit will produce some losers and some winners. Those business leaders who have been pontificating recently may be among the losers. But they do not represent all of British business.

It is noticeable that large numbers of businesspeople have not said anything in public at all. In particular, very few owners and/or managers of small businesses have spoken out.They are predominantly potential winners from Brexit – especially from a full Brexit. They gain little or nothing from the single market but suffer from a welter of EU-driven legislation and regulation.

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