Are you making the most of technology in the work place?

Times they are always a changing! Technology can help you streamline what you are already doing and make you more efficient. But there is no point in deploying technology just for the sake of it… nearly 20 years ago I launched an email marketing business which was ahead of the game, took a couple of years to gain traction and then worked nicely for a few years until every man and his dog developed an email marketing platform and the margins fell through the floor.

Ask folk today how many new email newsletters they sign up for…. I bet it’s not many, if any! But there are no end of marketing companies promoting an email marketing solution for your business and if sold in the “right way” the business owner is all excited about this “new initiative” but really they have bought a duck… which they will realise in a few months and never believe a marketing guru again! It’s had its day
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