Cleaning Equipment Supply and Maintenance NORTH WESTERN UNIVERSITIES PURCHASING CONSORTIUM LIMITED Tender Closes 8th January

NWUPC has a requirement to establish a Framework Agreement for Cleaning Equipment Supply and Maintenance for the following organisations:
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PHE – 180002 Porton Fire Alarm Public Health England Tender Closes 20th December

The Crown Premises Fire Inspection group conducted a Fire Safety Inspection in May 2016 over two days, meeting key stakeholders and inspecting Building 01 only. The Inspector followed up in August 2016 with a letter identifying numerous deficiencies identified during their inspection.

Fire Risk assessments were subsequently completed by an independent consultant in January 2017, and in accordance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Fire Risk assessor was competent in terms of their educations, skills, training, experience and they were an accredited IFE Fire Risk Assessor (Life Safety). Further Risk Assessments were completed in June 2018 by a separate independent consultant.
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Assessment of Options to Reduce Emissions from Fossil Fuel Production and Fugitive Emissions The Committee On Climate Change Tender Closes 2nd January

Long-term targets advice
In October, the climate change minister, Claire Perry, asked the Committee to advise on “options for the date by which the UK should achieve a) a net zero greenhouse gas target and/or b) a net zero carbon target in order to contribute to the global ambitions set out in the Paris Agreement”. The request included providing evidence on “how reductions in line with your recommendations might be delivered in key sectors of the economy; and the expected costs and benefits across the spectrum of scenarios in comparison to the costs and benefits of meeting the current target”

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Cold Beverages Water and Cuplets FOODBUY EUROPE LIMITED Tender Closes 28th December

NHS Supply Chain, Food seeks to establish a non-exclusive Framework Agreement for supply to NHS supply chain depots via the Stock route for the supply of Cold Beverages Water and Cuplets.

The Framework Agreement will have an initial term of 12 months with an option to extend incrementally for up to a total period of a further 12 months (i.e. 24 months in total).

It is anticipated that in the first 12 months of the Framework Agreement the value of purchases will be in the region of £850,000. For the full 24 month term (if extended) the anticipated value is in the region of £ 2,000,000

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Comparative Judgement DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION Tender Closes 11th January

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) are keen to speak to comparative judgement suppliers as it explores potential long-term alternatives to statutory teacher assessment of writing in primary schools in England.
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Employer Skills Survey Development – Lot 1 Questionnaire and sampling design DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION Tender Closes 17th December

Expressions of interest are sought to develop the questionnaire and sampling approach for a revised Employer Skills Survey, which will involve merging with former Employer Skills Survey and the Employer Perspectives Survey.

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How much? The invaluable response…

The last few days have been jolly interesting in more ways than one and I just felt the need to scribble a few words… writing a blog needs inspiration, writing a tender needs inspiration, a structured approach and perspiration. 😊

I can write a blog when the mood takes me but, unlike my able colleagues here, I’m not sure my brain could handle writing a tender. I have seen the blood, sweat and tears that go into making a tender document: you have to hit the right notes that will resonate with a buyer looking for an enjoyable (yes, really!) read that ticks all the right boxes so that they can put your bid straight through to the final round. The ‘also rans’ will fall at the first hurdle because they haven’t paid attention.
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Critical Messaging Tool City of London Corporation Tender Closes 11th December

A messaging tool is required by the City of London Corporation and City of London Police to carry out regional critical messaging to our communities in the event of an emergency and also national information around services and issues. This would be provided by a subscription model, but pre-populated with existing subscribers to a current service.

There are currently two tools in place, one dealing with national communication for over 330,000 subscribers, the other regional with around 4,000 subscribers, which are a mix of internal staff and external subscribers. The intention is to procure a solution which meets both needs and to ensure continuity of service with the current subscriber base.

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