Washroom Services & Hazardous Waste Management NORSE CARE LIMITED Tender Closes 28th February

NorseCare Ltd is seeking Tenders from sufficiently experienced and qualified contractors for the provision of Washroom Services and Hazardous Waste Management, across our Residential Care Homes within Norfolk, in accordance with the conditions of contract and requirements of this invitation and any documents, schedules and specifications attached. NorseCare are classed as ‘Producers and Holders of Hazardous Waste’ producing healthcare offensive waste, municipal offensive waste and sharps and related waste

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Hosting of Centre for Pharmacy Post Graduate Education and Training, Health Education England – Request for Information Closes 13th March

Health Education England is seeking to ascertain if there is an organisation in the market which has capacity and capability to host the provision of professional and post graduate education and training services across England delivered by Centre for Pharmacy Post Graduate Education. 

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) was established by the Department of Health and has been hosted at the School of Pharmacy, University of Manchester since 1991. Originally commissioned by the Department of Health, this contract was transferred to Health Education England (HEE) in 2012. 

The Contracting Authority wishes to use this RFI to obtain an understanding of the market, suppliers and their possible solutions in providing this hosting provision. To this end, the Contracting Authority requests your views and ideas and asks a number of questions. 

We expect that you will find some questions more relevant to you and easier to respond to than others, however please try to respond to as many as you can. Your views are valuable whether or not you have come across all of the aspects covered.

The commissioner reserves the right not to proceed with a Procurement, or any part thereof, or change the requirements and timescales as necessary at any time.

The deadline for RFI returns is 13 March 2019 at 12 noon. 

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Winning Tenders’ ‘7 Days in 7 Ways’ Campaign

We’re all interested in increasing sales and it almost goes without saying that, what every sales person wants, is to talk to people who are interested in what he or she is selling.

The aim is to make best use of your time by removing from your prospect list those who are not interested or not serious enough about moving forward ASAP. And some recent research [source: InsideSales.com big data set] based on trillions of touch points, indicates that waiting a week between contacts is ‘old school’, you need to crack on and say hello the next day, in a different way, to speed them on their way to a decision because, if serious, they will not want to delay.

So I have come up with the Winning Tenders ‘7 Days in 7 Ways’ Campaign which I plan to test run in February:

  1. Make a phone call – the quickest way to eliminate someone from your list is to talk to them have a chat. So find a phone number and see if you can get past the gatekeepers. I usually can but then I’m good at this, you may not be so gifted and talented 😉.
  2. LinkedIn – invite them to connect on LinkedIn and then your amazing blog posts will feature in their feed, assuming you share content?
  3. Email –  send a short email with very clear intent and link to the relevant blog post.
  4. Twitter – find their company twitter and engage if your main target doesn’t directly have twitter. If it’s managed then they will be only too pleased to help…
  5. Youtube – share a link via their favoured channel to one of your informative videos. Ours have had over 40,000 views in a couple of years and I can directly relate them to new business.
  6. Questionnaire – host a questionnaire on your site for the truly interested where you can qualify them a little better. Offer a reward.
  7. Postal mail shot – nice to get something in the post; our ‘Pocket Guide for WINNERS’ booklet can be dispatched with a covering letter to those that complete the questionnaire. You could do the same.

The aim is to get those who are truly interested to complete the Questionnaire so you don’t spend the next 6 months trying to follow up on deaf ears. I find that my energy is then directed towards those who are ready, willing and able to let us write their tenders or be coached in the art of doing so by our training team.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing Director
07717 820823
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The Supply of Personal Protective Equipment LEIDOS SUPPLY, LIMITED Tender Closes 22nd March

This requirement is for the supply of personal protective equipment over a two year period (24 months).
The requirement is split into 10 lots.
Mixed PPE
Mechanical and chemical gloves 
Hearing protection
Protective Headwear
Foul weather clothing 
Disposable and half face masks
Negative pressure masks 
Positive pressure masks 

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Invitation to Tender Cornwall Trade and Investment: Digital Marketing Services 2019 – 2021 Tender Closes 11th March

Cornwall Trade and Investment is part of Cornwall Development Company (CDC), an arms-length economic development provision of Cornwall Council and part of the Corserv Ltd group of companies. Cornwall Trade and Investment is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cornwall Council.

Cornwall Trade and Investment exists to help grow Cornwall’s economy – focusing on three key themes; attracting innovative, high growth businesses to locate in Cornwall; marketing Cornwall as a progressive, viable place to do business, and, from 2019, supporting Cornwall based businesses to export their product / services. 

Cornwall Trade and Investment helps and encourages companies and investors without a presence in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (C&IoS) to establish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the region; providing relevant information, making introductions, and providing advice on the financial assistance available. Secondly, the aim is to promote C&IoS as a business destination of choice through raising the profile of Cornwall as a location for ‘next generation’ businesses – enhancing the national and international image of the region. Thirdly, as of 2019, Cornwall Trade and Investment will work with Cornwall based SME’s to help them export their products / services in the UK, Europe and internationally. 

Potential inward investors will be SMEs attracted from a national or international audience. The SMEs will be either new start-ups or established businesses from the rest of the UK or overseas who are looking to expand their business operations into the region.

As part of the Cornwall Trade and Investment project we need to build upon the business proposition within the region, as well as highlight key economic strengths to help ‘sell’ Cornwall as a business destination to potential inward investors. Cornwall Trade and Investment are commissioning a digital partner to; 

1. Raise the profile of Cornwall as a business destination
2. Generate in-bound leads and enquiries to the Cornwall Trade and Investment team (including both national and international lead generation)

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Archive and Secure Off-Site Storage Facility for University Documents University Of Bedfordshire Tender Closes 1st March

The University is sourcing a Service Provider for archiving and secure off-site document storage. 

The requirement is for secure document storage, regular scanned and hard copy retrieval across all campuses and secure destruction in line with all legislation and the University’s requirements. 

The University has over 3,000 boxes in off-site storage with an estimated increase of approximately of 100-200 boxes per annum over the next 3 years. 

Service Providers must have a proven record in this industry and provide examples of successfully managing this type of contract. 

All contracts resulting from this tender will be against the University’s Terms and Conditions (enclosed in tender documentation). This is a mandatory requirement of the tender.

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Brand design for Biosecurity project ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Tender Closes 22nd February

The Biosecurity for LIFE project requires a way of identifying themselves to the general public, decision makers and industry. The project ‘brand’ will need to be unique and attractive, and clearly separate from that of any of the project partners. In addition, we require the design of an awareness raising campaign that will launch week commencing 13th May 2019 and be able to run for the duration of the project (until July 2022) and the design and production of a project stand that can be used at events.

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GB-Gosport: HMS Sultan Flexible Hose Assy Survey Ministry of Defence Tender Closes 28th February

The requirement includes the inspection and categorisation of all Flexible Hose Assemblies during a baseline survey of equipment under DSMarE’s holdings based at HMS Sultan, Gosport, and provision of a Flexible Hose Register (FHR) on completion of the survey. The survey will physically examine and record all defects as defined in the statement of requirement, the survey seeks to establish a baseline for DSMarE of all rubber hoses within HMS Sultan.

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