Huntingdonshire District Council – Replacement of Existing Skate Park – Hill Rise Park Tender Closes 24th April

At present on site there is an old skate park that consists of a variety of verts, volcano, jump box and street style equipment which is now nearing the end of its life and we wish to replace with a new concrete skate park.

The budget for this new facility is a maximum of £80,000 and this will need to include all the requirements below.

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Corporate Facilities Management Provision for Dispersed Office Estates Public Health England Tender Closes 3rd May

PHE currently has an accommodation portfolio of 30 office properties of various sizes across England, which it occupies under a range of lease arrangements either provided through other Government Departments or Local Authorities.

PHE now wish to appoint a contractor to deliver all specified services to support the delivery of both PHE operational services and maintain their estate where they have direct responsibility in a safe, compliant and environmental manner. 

This contract will cover the occupied Dispersed Office Estate only, where office where office accommodation is largely shared with other organisations but PHE are normally allocated a specific secure demised area.

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SMaRT Bus Shelter – Brunel Way SE Shared Services Tender Closes 11th April

Slough Borough Council introduced the Slough Mass Rapid Transit Phase 1 scheme in 2017 and as part of the works; a new bus lane was introduced to improve journey time reliability from the Trading Estate to Slough Station. In order to provide a good journey experience to users of SMaRT from Slough Station and maximise the opportunity to achieve mode shift from cars, there is a need to provide a bus shelter that can accommodate future advertising panels on Brunel Way. A separate tender exercise will be undertaken to procure the digital advertising panels.

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South Devon College tender for Audit Services closes 18th April

South Devon College Tender for Internal Audit Services and External Financial Statements Audit Services

Includes Lots: 
Lot 1: Lot 1 – Provison of an Internal Audit Service
Lot 2: Lot 2 – Provision of External Financial Statement Audit Services

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Vehicle Leasing – Soft Market Testing COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION Tender Closes 9th April

CWGC is seeking input from the Leasing and Fleet Management market to help develop a suitable strategy to deliver our leasing and fleet management services across our countries of operation.

We currently lease cars and LCV’s in France, Belgium, UK including Northern Ireland, and Italy.

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NCS Event Production Services National Citizen Service Tender Closes 3rd April

National Citizen Service (NCS) is the country’s fastest-growing youth movement, a rite of passage for all teenagers aged 15-17 to discover who they are and what they can do. Nearly 500,000 young people have already taken part.

NCS currently has the following opportunity for the provision of: event production services

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Supply and Maintenance of Bomb Blast Net Curtains Parliament UK Tender Closes 17th April

Manufacture, supply, installation, cleaning and maintenance and storage if required of Bomb Blast Net Curtains used across the Parliamentary Estate.

To ensure value for money, the quality required shall ensure that the products remain in operational use beyond any minimum warranty period (estimated at 5 years) regardless of works scheduled during their natural lifecycle; the ability to ensure continuity of service for each bomb blast net curtain is essential. The estimated value of the contract includes the bulk purchase, delivery, installation and bi-annual cleaning of the bomb blast net curtains across all the Parliamentary Estate buildings.

The purchase cost is for the procurement and manufacture of duplicate sets of curtains for each window surveyed. The sum shall include the initial delivery and appropriate labelling of the nets for ease of retrieval.

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eProcurement System LONDON UNIVERSITIES PURCHASING CONSORTIUM Tender Closes 12th April

LUPC, acting as the Consortium, is working with the other Universities Purchasing Consortia (UPCs) listed below, and their respective Member Institutions, to establish a National Framework Agreement for the Provision of an eProcurement System across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland:

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Framework Agreement for Adults with Learning Disability Day Opportunities Norfolk County Council Closes 31st March

Norfolk County Council intends to establish a new framework agreement for providers of day opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. The Council is seeking to implement a new service model informed by the Learning Disabilities Strategy with new contracts. The new service model contains 3 pathways:-
Promoting Wellbeing Pathway
Promoting Independence Pathway
Skills and Employment Pathway

It is likely that the procurement will be split into lots – one for each pathway and bidders will be able to apply for more than one lot. However, that decision will only be made after consultation with the market. The Council spends approximately £14.8m per year on day opportunities for those with learning disabilities.

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