Installation of Domestic and Commercial Heating Systems Including the Servicing and Maintenance of Commercial Heating Systems GreenSquare Group Limited Tender Closes 12th June

Appendix A_Specifications is intended to give all the information required to suppliers/contractors who are applying for the Installation of Domestic and Commercial Heating Systems including the servicing and maintenance of Commercial Heating. Please note that Appendix B_ Quality Assessment and Appendix C_ Pricing Matrix must be fully completed for each individual Lot that the supplier wishes to submit a bid for. 

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The Supply of Fresh Meat and Poultry Supply Hertfordshire Tender Closes 24th June

Hertfordshire Catering Limited (hereinafter referred to as HCL) is a limited company, limited by shares and wholly owned by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). HCL has a requirement for the Supply of Fresh Meat and Poultry (hereinafter referred to as “Goods”) to be delivered to various Sites as listed in the Specification (Schedule 1 of the tender documents).

There will be a need for the Supplier to have a flexible approach as during the contract period the pattern, variety and volume of demand for Goods as well as the number of Sites may be subject to change and it is stressed that there are no undertakings concerning likely volume of demand.

For guidance only HCL’s estimated annual value of spend on Fresh Meat and Poultry is £550,000. However, HCL reserve the right to adjust this requirement during the duration of the Agreement should we they wish to do so. 

In order to fulfil this requirement HCL is seeking to work in partnership with a Supplier with an effective and efficient supply chain whose market knowledge includes finding the best product fit with the aims of better outcomes for HCL.

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Digital Care Partnership – Market Engagement Suffolk County Council Tender Closes 15th June

Suffolk County Council (SCC) is increasingly looking to support adult social care service users through the use of technology and connectivity solutions. SCC seeks to engage with the market to understand what is available and who may be able to support them to achieve their outcomes as follows:

– Increased use and uptake of technological solutions
– Improved outcomes for users 
– Driving innovation in technology enabled care solutions
– Better management of demand for services
– Support the adult social care savings agenda
– Embedding a culture in our workforce to exploit technology enabled care solutions 

SCC are flexible in how to achieve this, and would look to work in partnership to achieve these outcomes. 

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Sunderland Community project, Place and Belonging: Heritage Action Zone Historic England Tender Closes 14th June

The project will carry out a longitudinal analysis of the qualitative impact of the Sunderland Historic High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) on local residents in and around the HAZ area. The project will take place in the residents’ own community spaces and focus on the richness of individual case stories and on sense of place through belonging and identity and the relationship of the HAZ to its development or change (or otherwise). Selected or self-selected participants will maintain feedback over the remaining HAZ period (2022) in order to assess any long term changes to local attitudes towards their sense of place.

his project forms one of a suite proposed under the draft Place-Making and Wellbeing programme which itself is a work package within the Sunderland HAZ. It is intended that the project is managed by an individual or organisation commissioned by Historic England carried out in partnership with the relevant stakeholders.

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Corporate – Extract System Upgrade Public Health England Tender Closes 7th June

This project incorporates supply, delivery and installation of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) duct work connecting to the main extraction system used for extracting fume cupboards in the laboratories throughout a building laboratory block. A duct work leg from of a main plenum extract system serving neighbouring laboratory areas has exceeded its lifespan.

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