373 Group Business Awards Finalists

And the 373 Group Business Awards Finalists are…

Most businesses don’t win business awards because they don’t enter business awards in the first place! Perhaps they lack confidence or simply can’t be bothered.

We took the time to enter three relevant categories thus making it easier for the judges to choose Winning Tenders Limited as a Business Award finalist.


Some say that, as a finalist, you are already a winner – and being able to shout about being a finalist can, in many ways, be more rewarding than being a winner!

This may sound ironic but think about it for a minute…

The organisers will be encouraging finalists to shout from the rooftops so as to ensure hundreds of local businesses attend the Awards evening and so right now the volume across Devon will be getting turned up and finalists’ company names will be up in lights.

Those that didn’t make it through will be interested in who has been nominated in their category and probably checking them out on Google. The local papers, business magazines, business networks and other channels will be digging around to find out what’s what… so there are many chances of those finalists’ names being seen.

But once the Awards evening is over, the volume goes down, there will be mention of the winners and they will be able to add a logo to their website saying “WINNER 2018” – but then what’s next?

Energy may go in to ‘bigging up’ being a winner by the winner but how far will this news travel? How much energy will be used… the finalists have moved on already, happy to have been a finalist with no need to try and get more column inches.

Great to be a WINNER but possibly best to be happy with being a FINALIST…


Unless you’re the ENGLAND TEAM with the nation’s hopes and dreams hanging in the balance… then you’d best pull your finger out and WIN the biggest competition in the WORLD! ?

Here are the runners and riders for Thursday’s Awards evening…

Best Online Presence: Just Enough Brave, Aquamarine Media, Grow Exeter, Leadstoyou

Best Professional Service: Sue Cade, The Family Law Company, Winning Tenders, Sarah West Recruitment

Best Retail: James’ Patisserie, Highfield Preserves, Big Bakes Bakery, Blackberry Farm Shop

Best Rural: Ashwood Shepherd Huts, Coldharbour Farm Shop, Clockwork Marketing, Norcotts Cider, Mary Lorimer Tutoring

Best Soletrader or microbusiness: Becky Willoughby, Hypnotherapy 4 Swans, COOP Brand Ltd, Samosa Lady, If Media

Best start-up: Just Purr-fect, Poppy’s Paws, Tor Water Limited, The Eco Laundry

Best Venue: Devon Business & Education Centre, The Beehive, Froginwell Vineyard, Green Acre Events

Greatest Social Impact: Pete’s Dragons, BSL Enabling, Colab Exeter, YMCA Exeter, Row for the Ocean

Top 373 Group Person: Ella Tyler (Mountlands international Language School), Kate Doodson (Cosmic IT), Tina Teague (GP Solutions SW), Paul Berry (The Swan Bampton), Hannah Foster (Flybe)

Best Company: QuickPrint, Unwin Safety Systems, Highfield Preserves, The Family Law Company, Mountlands International Language School, Ashwood Shepherd Huts

Have you got your ticket for the evening?


See you there…

Thank you.


Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash

OK, so if you got my LI message today, thank you for clicking through…

Thank you anyway!

I woke up with a desire to do some marketing after we lost last night to Croatia!

With the 373 Awards ceremony happening tonight I did some numbers…

I published this blog at 16:57 on 9th July
By 08:57 on 12th July 20 people had viewed the page
That’s 40 hours and there are 10 hours to go until the Awards ceremony begins

So my brain goes, if I want to do some marketing today… how about getting 80 more views over the next 10 hours … that would get Pareto in the mix and he’d be so proud 😉

Thank you for being 1 of the Pareto crew…

15 thoughts on “And the 373 Group Business Awards Finalists are…

  1. Confidence, Bothered are part of it for sure coupled with time and ‘Another Thing’ even ‘Distraction’ (perceived or real). Albeit, I do get winning an award and how it will lead to positive marketing and indeed A N Other promoting the businesses name and work – which is a worthy/useful goal re BDM. It certainly needs to be part of the BDM strategy; along with the SalesPipeline and winning tenders!

  2. Nice article Jon, as the saying goes “you have to be in it to win it” QuickPrint has been nominated in the “Best Business” category and since the announcement, we have received a great response via social media wishing us luck which for us is a great marketing and kudos.

    So being a finalist, in my opinion, is fantastic…. but let’s be honest we all love to win 😉

  3. Winning Tenders and 373 Group – A Winning Combination
    Big Thank You to Ian at Winning Tenders for the previous print projects and orders over the last few years.
    QuickPrint – Best Company?
    Having been involved in QuickPrint since the age of 6 years old, from 1961 when the company was first established 57 Years ago (collating and folding church magazines), I must say that it has been a real pleasure working for and now leading this company throughout the years.
    There have been three generations of the family involved over that period, Gerald and Maureen Frayne (started company), Danny and Ann Frayne (present day), and now Richard Frayne (into the future).
    Who knows what lies ahead?
    The one thing I do know: QuickPrint will continue to produce the highest quality printed items and products for its Clients and Customers old and new well into the future.

  4. Awesome! It’s always great to see some familiar local names pop up on these lists…. and receive the recognition. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Last night’s England defeat was gutting, wasn’t it? And seeing Federer go out of Wimbledon on the same day? Obviously, there will be winners and ‘runners-up’ at tonight’s 373 awards… none of us are losers because we got this far! Awards like these provide great marketing and PR for finalists and winners, that’s why I always encourage my own clients to enter and nominate others who I know do a great job. Sometimes, it’s hard to sing your own praises but great when someone does it for you…

  6. I’m sure there is value in this for the participants, somewhere! After all, we work hard, and if we want to be seen to excel through results, it’s always great to celebrate achievement with like-minded people. I’ve always thought that life at the top of a one-person business can be a bit lonely – and I know that the higher you go up the leadership ladder the tougher it gets. Seems to be then that celebrating winning is a darned fine idea!
    I played a full 18 hole putt at sidmouth’s Coburg Green earlier in the week; lots of good natured cameraderie but nevertheless some very serious putting. After a good run of ‘hole in 2’ I came second with a round total of 51, against 50 from the chap who had two hole in ones. I am now the proud owner of a massive bill for supper at Pynes overlooking the sea, and my second prize of a child’s plastic putter and two (putting) balls.

  7. Loads of fantastic businesses, many of whom we know and have worked with, so worthy winners all. So sorry I can’t be there to support- am in Cornwall. Good luck all 🙂

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