Best Professional Service 373 Business Award

Award-Winning Winning Tenders

No, it’s not a mistake – we are Winning Tenders and we are now Award-Winning.

Professional writers, and other literati, will realise that the hyphen makes all the difference!

I went to an awards dinner last week, not expecting to walk away with a prize – that wouldn’t be the British way of doing things now would it ?.

Obviously our fingers were crossed and our hands washed, ready to grasp the trophy with both hands… but they’re on a budget, so we got a nice certificate and a food hamper of local produce… perhaps some of those local producers were in Honiton when Charles & Camilla popped by on Wednesday for the inaugural Gate to Plate Food Festival.

I wrote a full story on the 373 Business Awards… we won the prize for Best Professional Service. ?

What does being a WINNER feel like?… let’s ask the boss…

Winning Tenders CEO Ian Smith says:
‘It’s a great feeling – recognition at last for Winning Tenders! Until now, we’ve only had such appreciation from clients we’ve won business for. When we win a six- or even seven-figure contract for a small business they are always grateful and that’s rewarding in itself (although there are one or two who never say ‘thank you’ but we know they love us!).
‘However, winning the Best Professional Service award shows that what we do has a wider appreciation; it’s also hugely encouraging for our hard-working team to know they are part of an award-winning business. It’s great for PR too!’

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