Winning Tenders only employ Winners ;)

Congratulations to Joanne Manville on becoming South West VA of the Year 2017!

Winning Tenders is an equal opportunities employer, you simply need to be a Winner… that’s why we ask Joanne to be our VA (Virtual Assistant) last year – we knew she was a Winner right from the initial interview.

The UK VA Awards organised by Storm Media and Publishing Limited are now in their 11th Year and recognised by VA’s across the land as an Award worth having. The organisers are looking to find the champions of good practice for Virtual Assistants. The Awards Panel of Judges are particularly keen to assess the candidate’s passion for the business and their awareness of vision, purpose and values – and how that is applied to their successful business model.


We asked Joanne ‘What made you enter the awards… or were you nominated by a friend?’
She said “They only allow nominations by yourself. I was Runner Up UK Best Newcomer 2016 so wanted to go the next mile. I am re-branding in the next two weeks to celebrate my business being 2 years old on 23 October, so this is very fitting.”

How many others entered?
‘They won’t disclose this, I tried!’

Why do you think they chose you?
‘I have a really good social presence and I think a lot of people know my journey. I put in a lot of hard work and as well as being a VA, go the extra mile for my clients (I believe) in my relationships in the local business community. I think they also recognised that I practically had to start the business again after having my daughter in January, and have come a long way since.’

What do you hope will be the result of WINNING?
‘I believe it gives additional validation to existing and prospective clients on the quality of my services. I am also hoping to start growing my company, and start using trusted associates (rather like Winning Tenders does) and hope that this will encourage quality VAs to want to work with me as my associates.

“Joanne came highly recommended – by Andrew Southall of South West Growth Service – and she proved her business capabilities right from the very first day, hour, minute she started with us so it’s no surprise that she has won this award; it’s well-deserved.”
“Joanne’s support makes her a real asset to our business and she helps in a variety of ways, not least keeping me on track with what I’m supposed to be doing!.”
Ian Smith, CEO, Winning Tenders

Note from editor on “Making the most of the Award” : When I have asked other business award winners if winning awards helps their businesses to grow, the common thread is that the award helps but you still have to knock on doors. You can mention your award at the relevant point in the conversation or simply let them see it shine from your website. If the organisers are seen in a positive light to the viewer then it all helps open those doors a little wider.

Best of luck in the next round Joanne, the UK Finals!

Thank you.


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