Bid Director Strategic Services

Bid Director Strategic Services

zac emmett 300sqWhen you are ready, our Bid Directors can help you take winning tenders to the next level. If you are now bidding regularly, we can help you build the underlying processes and capabilities you will need to win again and again. Or if you are considering stepping up to tender on a much larger opportunity, we can provide an honest view for that crucial bid / no bid decision. If you decide to go ahead, you can count on us to offer you the additional leadership and guidance you need right through to contract signature.

Bid Consultancy

The key to winning an opportunity is to have an expertly written tender response. The key to winning again and again is to have a set of strong underlying processes that will enable you to produce a compelling response every time.

You may want to ask yourself:
o Is my qualification process getting my people focused on the right opportunities?
o Do we develop a compelling win strategy to maximise our win chance every time?
o How can we make sure that our planned content actually ends up in our response?
o Do we review our final response before submission in a structured way?
o How can we learn from our mistakes so we can do better next time?

Our Bid Directors can review your existing processes and compare them to best practice examples. Most importantly, they will work closely with you to develop a set of workable improvement actions that will balance potential costs against the future benefit you will receive. Your outcome will be improved win rates and a more focused team that will deliver a better return on your investment.

Just as important as improving your processes is actually being able to measure how your team is performing. Our Bid Directors can help you identify the key metrics that define your team’s performance using the data that you have available. If you can measure your performance then you take actions to continually improve it! Then you will have a bid team that can win again and again to really drive profitable growth for your organisation.

Bid Leadership

Perhaps you have an opportunity that is larger or more complex than you would normally deal with. It may even represent a step change or potentially a whole new phase of growth for your organisation. Undertaking a tender response on this scale can seem daunting and it is not a decision to be taken lightly. But the rewards can be great.

In these cases, you may feel you need a little more than expert Bid Writers to maximise your chance of success. Our experienced Bid Directors can provide the additional leadership you need to guide your opportunity through the whole tender process from developing the initial win strategy right through to contract negotiation and signature.

Our Bid Directors understand what it takes to lead and win large and complex opportunities. They can hold the all the elements of the process together and manage the key stakeholder relationships, both inside your organisation and with the client. During the engagement they may also be able to identify areas for future process improvements. This will not only help you win this time but will also leave your organisation better equipped to achieve long-term growth in the future.

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