Three Core Procurement Contracts

Bid writers have seen many changes in the structure of the competitive contract and processes.

The development of small and medium-sized company involvement has led to new opportunities, outlined below. Winning Tenders have a team of experts who can help you traverse these opportunities and write that winning bid.

Contract Notice:

Fortunately, all notices are now required to indicate if the opportunity is suitable for an SME or VSO (voluntary sector organisation). This will save you time in identifying whether or not a contract is suitable for your organisation.

Additional information is presented on clear payment terms and the commitment to meet the government terms of payment for public sector organisations. This has reduced the need for “invoice factoring” as more detail enables effective planning. This in itself allows for a more efficient bid writing process as relevant information is present at the start.

The type of contract must be clearly outlined:

    1. A contract for services or works – one supplier for a fixed term
    2. A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) – an open contract generally enabling up to 999 participants. Each can be asked to quote for a specific piece of work through mini-competitions and straight requests for quotes. This system ensures more local businesses are included in the competitive process and they bid for the size of the job they can fulfil.

A provider can apply to join at any stage of the contract for the duration of the DPS. An excellent starting point for time tendering and national programs, run by Crown Commercial Services.

Please note – Many are still operating as frameworks at present however, the new rounds are reverting to the DPS model (if you’d like more information or advice on this, please call us on 01392 247997).

3. Procurement Framework – these are contracts that limit the number of competitors because they have been prequalified. This guarantees (theoretically) that every opportunity for competitive bidding is managed through the framework and open to those members only.

Often this is a full bid process and requires the same planning and disciplines as the Contract for Services or works. This locks the buyer into a closed relationship and the spending agreed is tendered throughout the life of the framework. The duration varies and many are being replaced by DPS.


Winning Tenders can help you throughout the process, no matter what stage your organisation is at. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you secure that bid.

Follow up

For many small businesses, the issue remains that this can be perceived as guaranteed competitive income. It is still necessary to work the framework as there could be several buyers involved or being on a framework opens the way for one of your specific targets to approach you if they are aware of your prequalification.

So, the principle is that all contracts won require not only the effort to secure the work but then the same energy to build the opportunity for future business.


Winning Tenders can help you get ahead of the competition.

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