Are there really too many of your competitors tendering for contracts in your market sector?

I’ve had a conversation recently with a client who had some experience of tendering but, on a recent bidders site visit meeting, there were 15 tenderers present.

He is right to be cautious; what’s the point if you are 1 of 15 and don’t really want to be the cheapest… all that effort put in and no reward to show for it!

The first thing to do is to look at the opportunity properly, go through a bid / no bid decision process and, if you haven’t got a sweet spot – something compelling to add value to your tender – then you should probably back out now and thus avoid the bid costs.

In all probability, of the 15 potential bidders that show up, 9 might decide to tender but 3 will miss the deadline, leaving 6 in the melting pot… much better odds.

2 of these could well be sub-standard, folk on a wing and a prayer;
2 may well be just average, ticking the boxes but not inspiring anyone.

This brings us down to a 50 / 50 chance…

So how might you add some real value to this contract? What is the value-add you bring at a fair price? Ponder it a while, make some notes, tell us what you think puts you in the driving seat.

If we agree then we will share how we’d position the tender to make you shine… if you like our thinking then we can agree terms and write that “winning tender”!

If we don’t agree, we will suggest what we think could be your winning angle or simply recommend you don’t bid this time and wait for the next opportunity.

The key to winning is telling a compelling story that adds value yet still at a fair price. Don’t be put off if you know you can add value… and by the way, it’s a myth that the cheapest price always wins – cheap can also mean high risk!

Thank you.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

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