Do you ask a Michelin Star Chef how they cook eggs?

No, you’re more likely to ask them what their inspiration was when starting out on their journey.

When it comes to tender writing, it is those nuances of when to add the ‘seasoning’ to the story you are telling that can make all the difference – when to add a dash of “lemon” or to turn the gas down for a few minutes – these are the skills that, like your Michelin Star Chef, a tender writer learns over the years to create a winning tender.

I started writing tenders over 30 years ago and nothing much has really changed in the way a tender is brought together – just the fact that much more purchasing is done now via the tender process.

You need to know what the client is looking for, what is their real goal? You probably need to read the tender a few times to get that.

You need to have the skills to deliver the service required. Don’t kid yourself that you are the finest this or that, get real as it will take time to complete the tender and there is no point in wasting your energy, or your money if you ask us to do it for you. We’ll be direct, mind and it’s not a good fit we’ll tell you so, and save your money. We only want to write tenders that are winnable.

You need to have the resources to hand or access to new resources should you win the bid. Don’t try and deliver on a shoestring or you’ll not be asked to tender again by that authority.

Personally, I enjoy the challenge of writing innovative bids in different market places; it allows the creative juices to flow and, when we win, which we very often do, I celebrate with a wry smile and then move on to the next bid!

A few years ago I decided to grow the business and therefore needed more skilled bid writers and so went searching and was surprised to find that while some bid writers are like me, and enjoy the challenge of a new market, others prefer to stay in a particular field and excel in that space. That’s fine by me, each to their own. We use both..

What we do have is a good selection of experience – skilled tender writers who might struggle to make a cheese sandwich but then, those Michelin Star Chefs would equally struggle to pick up a pen and write more than a grocery list. The only way to get a flavour of who we are and what we do is to put us to the test. Many have and our list of testimonials demonstrate that we are very good at delivering results for what were once prospective clients.

Take a look at a few, if not all of our videos, starting with…

Thank you for thinking about using us to write your next winning tender.

Ian Smith

Photo by Hemant Latawa on Unsplash

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