Winning a Bid Presentation

Not every tender opportunity requires you to give a presentation but those of significant value will generally require preparation if you are going to be winning a bid presentation.

Hugh Graham specialises in presentation skills coaching, helping you and your team become more engaging and persuasive presenters. Focusing on three key areas:

Bid Presentation Structure – Decisions are often made in stages. Presenting your arguments in the wrong order can leave your client confused and frustrated. Get it right and they flow through a series of decision points that lead inevitably to the conclusion that yours is the best solution for their needs.

Bid Presentation Content – Knowing what to leave out can be just as important as knowing what to include. We’ll help you design your presentation content around the key issues that the client needs you to address. We work with you to encapsulate these into targeted, clear and persuasive themes.

Bid Presentation Delivery – Make your presentations distinctive, persuasive and memorable! We will help you understand how an image, a significant word or a question can get attention and stay in the mind.

Instilling Confidence for what comes next – The presentation doesn’t finish when you’ve clicked through your last slide. The question and answer session is another vital opportunity to impress and persuade – and one that needs preparation and skilful handling. We coach you on how to actively listen, and answer questions accurately, concisely and purposefully, to make the most of every minute you have face-to-face with the decision makers.

We work with you to develop your strengths. We don’t try to train you to present like somebody else, we help you develop an engaging presentation style that feels natural and seems effortless. We also help you understand the psychology of presentations: what your audience is looking for and how to provide it.

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