Bid / Tender Writing Training

Training your team to write winning tenders

A bid team whose members understand the tendering process, how to write bids that meet and exceed the expectations of the evaluator and manage the process well can mean the difference between winning and losing a crucial contract.

The challenge you as a company faces may not be lack of bid writing resource but inadequate skillset, lack of morale, or lack of experience in your bid team. This is especially common in growing companies – they aren’t yet ready to have a bid professional on their staff but are increasingly asking their sales people to write bids.

Winning Tenders can provide 1-day or multiple day training through in person training with one of our friendly trainers at your offices or a location nearby.

Developing the perfect course for your team

Our bespoke courses are designed to address the specific needs your team has for improving their skills, developing their understanding of bids and the tender process and increasing your win rate.

Some of the course modules we offer are:

– The differences between public and private sector tendering
– Understanding the multi-stage process
– Ensuring compliance
– Approaching the tender document: the critical ‘first read’
– Managing bids on a tight timeframe
– How to plan each response
– Working with word counts
– Drafting great answers
– Demonstrating value within the document, and
– Critical review and submitting the bid.

These are just a few of the areas we can look at for you, with focus on the specific areas or abilities of your team. We are experienced in providing group training with individuals drawn from different sectors and levels within the business.

We are best-placed to help you because…

We understand your pain!

We tackle the pain points (deciding, time, communication) that we know because we’ve experienced them. We know that the learning curve with bids can be sharp – because most who get involved aren’t excited by bids – and often don’t know what they’re doing. This means bidding can be a pain point – especially for those thrown in the deep end without support. Our training has been developed from our ‘on the ground’ experience – we write and manage bids ourselves so we pack all our knowledge, experience and strategies into the training day so you can be better focused on what bids you opt for, less pressured and with more winners.

We’re intensely practical!

Our training isn’t just telling you how to best write and manage a bid, we break it down into the nuts and bolts of the process and each stage, right down to how to actually answering the question. We show you how to start writing when you don’t even understand the question. Plus, we share the tools we have developed ourselves to best manage the bid cycle so you feel confident and ready to tackle your next bid with ease.

We make it fun!

Talking about bids is not most people’s favourite subject! Because our bid managers know this, we sprinkle our training with real examples coupled with exercises that aim to bring a little light-heartedness into our training. Our trainers are empathic and engaging and are able to work with groups of mixed abilities and experience levels, catering for groups from across businesses and sector groups. Training days are an opportunity to share knowledge and experience across organisations, amongst those who perhaps don’t usually talk, to better collaborate and streamline their bidding focus as an organisation.

What to expect

Firstly, one of our team will call you to discuss the requirements you have for training, the team members involved, their experience and the length of training course you require.

Then, we’ll send you the proposed programme for consideration and we can, if necessary, tweak any details or add anything extra. We’ll book in the dates at that stage too, so you can be guaranteed our trainer’s availability.

Our trainers will then get to work designing and developing your bespoke course ready for your team and we’ll bring everything needed on the day itself. All your team need do is show up, ready to learn about tackling bids and winning contracts.

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