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100 Freelance Bid and Tender Writers

In April we created the Freelance Bid and Tender Writers LinkedIn Group and today we reached 100 members… a milestone to be celebrated!

Yippee… there you go, celebration over 😉 .

The aim is for freelance bid and tender writers to share opportunities they hear about while at the same time offering Winning Tenders an environment to find new freelancers as our tender writing business ebbs and flows to the next level.

As the group grows more people will engage with it… part of the natural organic processes of LinkedIn Groups:

– When there are half a dozen in a group then no-one contributes…

– Get to 60 and one or two will chip in…

– Get to 600 and there should be some serious opportunities regularly appearing for freelance bid and tender writers.

Now we’re at 100 and a few opportunities have appeared in recent weeks – it would be great to see this group get to 150 by Christmas.

Now freelance bid and tender writers will be excellent at writing 500 words to address a specific question and for the tender document to flow beautifully but 80% will not be into shouting from the rooftops of their greatness… hence the reason they may become part of the group.

The best way we can all help each other is for:

– Those that aren’t already members to join the group here Freelance Bid and Tender Writers LinkedIn Group

– For those who are members to mention to others that they are a member and to come and join us – and then who knows what bid writing opportunities may appear tomorrow or next week?

– And for those with a need for a freelance bid or tender writer to pop along and post an opportunity.

Thank you.


Photo by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash

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