A cracking WIN for bid writing consultants Winning Tenders

Jonathan Davey has just joined Exeter-based bid writing consultants Winning Tenders as Sales & Marketing Director to help manage the rapid growth in their tender writing services.

Obviously greatly assisted by the vibrant business environments in Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth and the inspiring beauty of the South West’s estuaries, coasts and moors Winning Tenders has come of age as increasing numbers of otherwise successful business people recognise their limitations when it comes to the tendering process.

“Tenders require a completely different skill set than the “power ballad” presentation to a buyer in the traditional sales process.” Explains Jon, “In the good old days, 10 years ago when Ian first launched Winning Tenders, then the deal might be done over lunch with the client and a handshake sealing the deal. Today it’s a whole different story…”
“The process needs you to comply with pre-set criteria and then for you to respond in a factual yet interesting way when asked for more details… not to fire up the ego and see how many big words you can lay down between full stops!”

Now based in Queen Street, Exeter Winning Tenders have been trading as bid writing consultants for over 10 years. Originally based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, founder Ian Smith moved to Exmouth in 2012 for an improved work-life balance and the energy shift seems to have worked wonders. Many old connections have woken up to the fact that Ian was ahead of his game: a number of local businesses have seen the light and the internet allows many more around the country to find when they search for help, hoping to find a champion with superior tender writing ability to fill the gap in their resources.

Are those businesses happy they got in touch with Winning Tenders? Just take a look at the testimonials below…

Ian and Jon have known each other for years from their days in the Thames Valley area; last year Jon and his family moved down to Sidmouth from Windsor, also in search of the magical work life balance. In recent months Jon has secured new clients for whom Winning Tenders has won some £750,000 worth of business already so it makes sense to up the game and bring the complimentary skills of these seasoned campaigners together. Jon will take care of sales & marketing while Ian ensures that Winning Tenders’ team of bid writing consultants expand to cope with the growing demand for this increasingly essential service.

Winning Tenders CEO Ian Smith comments: “I am delighted to welcome Jon Davey to work alongside me and grow this business – he started introducing new customers to us over 6 years ago and has already boosted sales this year even before joining. Jon’s strong commercial ability and his knack of engaging helpfully with potential clients will help to ensure that our ambitious expansion plans deliver for both Winning Tenders and our clients.”

If you are looking to grow your business then take a look at what bid writing consultants Winning Tenders has to offer… and give Jon a call on 07717 820823.

A few comments by satisfied customers:

“We’ve been awarded the contract – only managed with your help and support …a big thank you from me and my team here”
Charles Saunders Food Service, Bristol

‘Have you ever looked at an official tender process and started to cry? Ian at Winning Tenders took all the stress away with one calming phone call. He saved me from anger management classes and my business partner from a breakdown. ‘He was patient, understanding and above all knowledgeable about the process we had to go through. Ian dealt with all the questions that were thrown at us and has continued to do so since the initial process was completed.
‘Grafters won the contract and this would have been very difficult without Winning Tenders’ expertise. I would recommend Winning Tenders to anyone that asked my advice.”
Grafters Group, Eastbourne

“Ian at Winning Tenders is an excellent support to my company and in the last year he has won for us two contracts with Local Authorities and one with an NHS Trust. He has exceptional experience in his field and has a real talent for dealing with new contracts. Ian is brilliant at working to tight deadlines and his calm professional manner has made him a real pleasure to work with.”
Airport Transfer Cars, London N17

“You’ll be pleased to know that your 100% success rate is intact – we have been awarded the Vodafone contract!”
Reading Buses

July 2017
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