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Winning Tenders can help successful businesses grow more rapidly by writing winning tenders for council / government funded contracts: these provide a regular, guaranteed income over a 2 or 3 year period, enabling businesses to develop safe in the knowledge that the cash flow will be there.

We’ve been helping businesses to win such contracts for many years and have success stories from numerous industry sectors. View some of our testimonials…

Read our other blogs, watch some of our videos and make contact if you would like to discuss how we could win your clients more business thus reinforcing their decision to take you on in the first place! Growth is certainly what it’s all about and a major contract win is like making an acquisition.

Writing successful tenders is not easy or everyone would be doing it. Most people push them over to one side to do tomorrow because they require a unique mindset to do properly… luckily we have a team of skilled tender writers who love doing just that, writing tenders that win.

Our success rate is around 75% because we are selective: we often advise clients NOT to bid. There’s no point working had to prepare a bid that has little chance of winning. We help clients to consider the chances of success – the bid/no bid decision – then, if they really want to go for it, encourage all concerned to really commit to playing their part. Then we can write with confidence, demonstrating the client’s enthusiasm and USPs in the bid.

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