How do you Expect Brexit to Affect Your Business?


Brexit and business confidence

How do you expect Brexit to affect your business?

That’s a question that I’m sure we’ve all been asked in a variety of ways in recent months. On the one hand, of course, we simply don’t know. On the other, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where one day we will suddenly find ourselves having to run or promote our business any differently from today.

Whenever Brexit happens, and whatever it looks like, the world for most businesses will carry on turning much as it always did. We will still have to seek out market opportunities and configure our products and services to meet the needs of those customers. We will need to pitch for the business to prove that we understand the needs and are best placed to meet them.

Trading with European countries may be a bit more complex but if you have a sound business proposition you’ll still find a market. The EU does not trade exclusively with itself.

The biggest destabilising factor is probably the uncertainty. There may be fewer opportunities to go for – but there may also be more than many people are expecting. You can’t plan for unknowns so all you can do is make sure you are well positioned to cope with whatever happens.

Investing in excellence when it comes to your bidding capabilities will make sense whatever the outlook.

If there are fewer opportunities you will be better placed to succeed in a more competitive market.

If there are more opportunities you can pick the ones you really want to win and give yourself a better chance of reeling them in.

Keep calm and carry on seems to be the approach I see most often and it’s certainly how we’re approaching the future. There will be opportunities; so you just have to be ready to seize them.

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