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Fundraising for Veterans and Emergency Service Personnel Suffering with PTSD

I’d assumed that, if someone was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), then it would show itself relatively quickly after the incident that caused it. However, that is not the case.

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Penny Connorton’s experience came from being a carer for an ex-serviceman who had settled down to rural life with a farmhouse, holiday cottages, a herd of milking cows, a few chickens and other idyllic picture-postcard farm animals when the sound of a local siren caused flashbacks and nightmares 20 years after he’d served in Her Majesty’s forces!

I’ve heard of people in civi-street struggling with nightmares and aftershock post witnessing a horrific car crash or other such horror, so it could potentially impact on any of our lives in some shape or form and hopefully there would be someone like Penny nearby to help put the pieces back together.

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Personally I had a pulmonary embolism on a flight to the USA 20+ years ago and for two years I struggled to get my head round it, walking down the high street with a handkerchief over my noise in the belief that a stray particle might do serious damage! I get emotional when I hear of others having to battle a mental condition… there are no bandages for those around you to go, “Oh they must have a broken this or that and so best make allowances”.

Having had direct experience, Penny took the initiative and set up Farmable in 2013 to help veterans and emergency service personnel suffering from PTSD. The website paints the picture more clearly…

“Through our desire to support and help we have undertaken trials of social farming, i.e. using therapeutic activities in harmony with ‘mother nature’, the land and animals, all associated with the countryside, as an aid to recovery. We know the impact that trauma can have on the sufferer and the whole family and friends.”

“We aim to increase the health and wellbeing of the participant and his or her family by way of participating in activities with the land and undertaking projects to aid and help others on various farms and smallholdings throughout the UK.

“These can comprise anything from dry stone walling, tree planting, animal husbandry, horticulture and much more. The project will deliver from an Occupational Therapy perspective with meaningful and purposeful activities.

“The Experience Days can be taken individually, or can be a route through to the full residential programme.”

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What Penny needs help with is fundraising. Farmable is a small Community Interest Company currently transitioning to charitable status from an accounting perspective but their work will continue in the same way.

Penny is not looking for fundraisers to do this merely for the love of it but she can’t afford to pay the day rates some might expect for this work. She is more than happy to pay a percentage of any resulting funding that is raised – and that could be a mighty fine sum for all parties should the right access to funding be found. Would that work for you?


We at Winning Tenders, for our part, are happy to lay the foundations and so gather together a library of information relating to Farmable, suitable for use in funding applications. We’re happy to donate our normal £450 set-up fee to the cause and then assist by managing the process of grant applications, reviewing and supporting the team’s efforts.

The way we see it, the following people need rewarding:

• The person who finds the funding opportunity
• The person who writes the funding application
• The person who reviews the funding application
• The administration and management need some reward for their time.

This allows someone to spot such a funding opportunity, bring it to the team and ask someone else to complete it if they don’t have time. What a great way of getting to know more fellow professionals in the field of funding / tender / bid writing.

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If you are a freelance bid writer, willing to assist in finding and applying for grants that will allow Penny and her colleagues at Farmable to make a greater impact, then please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we might work together.

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Thank you.

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