Local electrician gets a shock when Winning Tenders saves then doubles his business!

In the new world, where small contracts are consolidated to make it easier for the finance teams to process, it’s fair to assume that you could lose a nice, regular, much needed income stream if you are the smaller business up against larger competitors for what has now been put out to tender.

I asked Ian for a story about how we’d helped a small organisation up against it when the world is changing in front of their very eyes… he share this story…

“An electrical contractor in Plymouth was in danger of being forced out by larger national contractors when the main social housing organisation in the area put all its contracts together.

The electrician had been doing work for the housing organisation for years, issuing simple quotes and then being allocated jobs on a regular basis.

When works for large blocks of housing were put together the value was much higher and simple quotes were no longer appropriate. The electrician was now faced with a massive ITT and detailed specifications, requests for method statements and an understanding of government reports on social housing standards.

They consulted Winning Tenders (WT) who assured them that the bid we would prepare would be as good, if not better than any that the buyer would see.

The bid showed that the electrician’s staff were competent, qualified and experienced. It showed them at work engaged on typical housing projects and demonstrated how the firm would work on the authority’s housing stock with care, to approved standards and in line with the Egan report on social housing.

The electrician was shortlisted for interview with the evaluation panel and, being somewhat apprehensive, WT coached them for the presentation.

They were awarded the contract, retaining the existing business but also winning a great deal more because of the much larger contract resulting from the tender.”

Great work by Winning Tenders… the moral of this story is where there’s a will there’s a way and if you find yourself potentially being squeezed out by larger competitors as a result of the procurement process then you need to look around for business people with the necessary knowledge and experience to help you find a way to keep that business.

If it’s a tender situation then Winning Tenders are the people you need to contact to view the playing field and offer you some free advice. We won’t charge for a 10-15 minute chat that will help you evaluate the reality of the predicament you find yourself in; we only start charging when you ask us to help you with a tender. We charge in steps along the way, sharing the risk with you – we only get our full fee if we win for you.

And, what’s more, we win 75% of the tenders we go for, so you’re in safe hands!

If this inspires a “light bulb moment” then contact us >>>

Thank you.


Photo by Diz Play on Unsplash

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