The Tender Process in 10 Steps

As you probably know, the tender process is multi-faceted and can initially seem overwhelming.

We’re going to assume you already have some knowledge on the tender process and understand the various ways in which you become aware of a contract you wish to bid on. If you need more information on how to find contracts, Winning Tenders can help you.

With the above in mind, let’s assume you have been sent or have seen a tender that you feel, on first glance fits your particular area of expertise and you would like to bid for the contract.

  1. Are you tender ready?

Step one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at just how many companies are not ready to tender.

Do you have all your policies, procedures, and case studies in order? Are your insurances and accounts up to date and all kept in a secure location?

You can learn more about whether you’re ready to tender in our blog post HERE

Winning Tenders have a Tender Readiness process that ensures you as an organisation are ‘Tender Ready’.

It’s as easy as contacting us or filling out our short questionnaire online.

  1. Registering interest

You will usually need to register on a portal (if you have not done so already) to access the documents.

Once your registration in complete, you will usually need to ‘express an interest’ before you can see the documents.

  1. Bid or No Bid?

Decision time. Bid or no bid?

You’ll need to ensure all interested parties – BD, Ops, Finance and IT and Subject Matter experts read the documents and then discuss whether to proceed or not with the bid.

Among the questions you’ll need to ask are:

  • Do you know the client? Do they know you?
  • Does it fit with your business plan?
  • Will you need to invest to be able to deliver the contract?
  • Can you make any money?
  • Do you have the resources to respond and more importantly deliver the contract?

If the answers aren’t immediately clear and obvious your business isn’t ready to compete to win formal tenders – but you can fix that!

Winning Tenders can help and provide an end to end tender writing and review service.

We nominate an experienced Bid Writer / Manager with a proven track record of success in your sector to draw the information out of your team and then craft a response that highlights your unique offering whilst answering the questions in your tender.

Contact Us for more information

  1. Defining your solution

It is important that all interested parties agree on how they will deliver the contract and how this will add value to the buying organisation.

If you cannot truly present a compelling proposition, then you should revisit point 3.

Winning Tenders’ Bid Writer is able to advise whether your approach is truly meeting the tender requirements as laid out in the specification.

  1. Writing the bid

An important question that is often overlooked is what is the opportunity cost? What could the BD team be doing if they were not responding to a tender?

Whilst knowledgeable, they may not fully understand the complexities of tenders and how to write clearly and concisely whilst ensuring the essence of your organisation, your unique selling points, win themes, and how you will add value is encapsulated in the response.

Winning Tenders boasts a team of more than 20 highly experienced Bid Writers whose expertise will help you win that bid.

Learn more about writing proposals HERE

  1. Reviewing the bid

Once written, it is imperative that the bid is collated properly and reviewed. This does not mean just for accuracy of the content but also consistency of language, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Part of the Winning Tenders’ process includes thorough and separate Red Review and Quality Assurance checks prior to the bid being delivered back to our client so that they can carry out their own assessment. Winning Tenders then make any further amendments based on the client’s feedback before we deliver the final version.

Simply Contact Us for more information

  1. Submitting the bid

Submitting a bid on a portal correctly including ensuring that all questions have been answered, adhering to word counts and uploading all supporting documents is not an easy task. Unfortunately, omitting just one document could mean you are excluded from the process.

Winning Tenders will help you through this process every step of the way to ensure all necessary information is included in your bid submission. We can even upload the documents for you.

  1. Presenting the bid

It is usual for an organisation to create a shortlist of bidders to whom they wish to present their offering in more detail.

Winning Tenders will create presentations on your behalf and ensure that all the key requirements are addressed.

We can also help you prepare for that all-important client interview, so that you are able to give your best on the day.

  1. Evaluation process

It is imperative that when clarifications are raised by the buyer that they are responded to immediately and in detail.

Winning Tenders monitor the portal on our clients’ behalf to ensure that clarifications raised are identified and responded to, giving you peace of mind and to show the buyer that you are responsive but also committed to working with them.

  1. Success or not

Whether you are successful or not, and especially if you are successful, it is important to request feedback from the buyer. You should then carry out a full debrief of what areas need working on for future bids and make adjustments to policies and procedures and internal processes accordingly.

Winning Tenders can facilitate this process, ensuring lessons are learned and policies and procedures are updated accordingly. The contract renewal date should be noted, and a date placed in the diary to contact the client prior to renewal.


Let our expert team help you win that bid.


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