Do you know who visited your website?

I wear two hats at Winning Tenders, Sales & Marketing, which means I am constantly looking for new lead generation solutions and negotiating great terms. Visitor Queue (VQ) is the latest addition to my arsenal, replacing Lead Forensics (LF).

Here’s why we switched…

A key function of any website is to generate business leads for your sales team to follow up on but not everyone that visits your website is polite enough to complete your online enquiry form on their first visit!

What you need are tools to interrogate your website data in real time and give you access to this information in an easy to read, digestible format, which enables you to take the relevant action.

For years Lead Forensics have been leading the way, providing a service which uses the IP address to try and establish which business owns the computer that your web visitors are coming from. You install the LF code onto your website and it picks up on around 10% of your web visitors. They tend to be larger organisations; SME businesses probably don’t have a fixed IP and so can’t be identified in the same way.

As with all business markets, competition comes in where opportunity has been proven to exist.

Visitor Queue is a new platform from Canada which has chosen to focus on this market place using a readily available data source, Google Analytics, making it much easier to get started with as WordPress and other such website builders have a simple plug in and are popular with SMEs.

I’ve done some data analysis for February and March and both demonstrate VQ generates 60% more leads than LF and VQ also identifies those that landed via any CPC or Ad campaigns you may be running.

Feb 18 – VQ 73 – LF 45 – On both 26 – 777 total web visitors from Google Analytics

Mar 18 – VQ 83 – LF 51 – On both 36 – 879 total web visitors from Google Analytics

Financially, Visitor Queue comes in less than 10% of the annual fee of Lead Forensics.

VQ is not as advanced in its functionality as LF but it does offer enough of much of the same information and so it would be the natural choice of your accountant! It gives your sales team the same starting point from which to try and identify who would be the most logical person in the visitor organisation to present your business offering to – and gives your marketing team some useful data to cross reference against.

Neither of these tools is perfect at identifying a specific person, making them of limited value, so in optimising your overall marketing spend it makes sense for us to go for the cheaper option. Your needs may be different and some of the extra services LF offer may put them ahead in your world.

In negotiating terms for Winning Tenders I was also able to mention my previous pedigree in the world of social media and secure a 40% reduction for anyone who reads this and uses jon40 in the promo box when you sign up after your FREE TRIAL.

Why not give it a whirl?

Thank you.


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