Award-Winning Winning Tenders

No, it’s not a mistake – we are Winning Tenders and we are now Award-Winning.

Professional writers, and other literati, will realise that the hyphen makes all the difference!

I went to an awards dinner last week, not expecting to walk away with a prize – that wouldn’t be the British way of doing things now would it 😉.

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And the 373 Group Business Awards Finalists are…

Most businesses don’t win business awards because they don’t enter business awards in the first place! Perhaps they lack confidence or simply can’t be bothered.

We took the time to enter three relevant categories thus making it easier for the judges to choose Winning Tenders Limited as a Business Award finalist.


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SME business gains from BREXIT

In Monday’s Telegraph Business section, respected economist Roger Bootle says:

‘Brexit will produce some losers and some winners. Those business leaders who have been pontificating recently may be among the losers. But they do not represent all of British business.

It is noticeable that large numbers of businesspeople have not said anything in public at all. In particular, very few owners and/or managers of small businesses have spoken out.They are predominantly potential winners from Brexit – especially from a full Brexit. They gain little or nothing from the single market but suffer from a welter of EU-driven legislation and regulation.

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Join Winning Tenders on Stand 111 at The Steam Museum, Swindon next Thursday 5th July for Strawberries and Cream…

Do you need to improve your tender win ratio? We “tend” to win 75% of those we go for…

It would be great if we could claim some credit for England’s cricket team doing so well! What with the cricket, football and Wimbledon, all we can do is offer some strawberries and cream on stand 111… do drop bye and catch 4 minutes with us!

swindon business expo 5th july 2018 - stand 111
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Government Announces Measures to Make it Easier for SMEs to bid for Contracts

David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office, announced in a speech at the think tank Reform yesterday that the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2013 would be reformed to strengthen the government’s commitment to awarding contracts based on social value, rather than just value for money.

He said the changes to the act, specifically the requirement to explicitly evaluate social value when awarding contracts, would “ensure that contracts were awarded on the basis of more than just value for money – but a company’s values too, so that their actions in society are rightly recognised and rewarded”.

The Minister outlined new proposals to keep bids for public sector work competitive while ensuring companies “play by the same rules”, rather than seeing the state absorb more of the work.
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Your mission is to persuade in less than two minutes

What is an Executive summary?

It declares purpose, creates interest, forecasts approach, establishes credibility and summarises your offer.

All that in less than two minutes, because that’s how long your decision maker will spend reading it, if you are lucky!

Best practice in the industry has developed a method or process of doing this –

Introduce → State Facts → Prove → Refute → Conclude.
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How Frequently Are You Researching Tender Opportunities?

Researching new tender opportunities needs to be part of your weekly routine. If it’s not then you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business!

In round numbers there are around 80 new opportunities each day added to council procurement portals across England and 80 tender opportunities closing to the market for the evaluation process.

Using Contracts Finder and searching for NEW and CLOSED tenders up to the 31st May, starting with…

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Fundraising for Veterans and Emergency Service Personnel Suffering with PTSD

I’d assumed that, if someone was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), then it would show itself relatively quickly after the incident that caused it. However, that is not the case.

farmable armyboots to welly boots

Penny Connorton’s experience came from being a carer for an ex-serviceman who had settled down to rural life with a farmhouse, holiday cottages, a herd of milking cows, a few chickens and other idyllic picture-postcard farm animals when the sound of a local siren caused flashbacks and nightmares 20 years after he’d served in Her Majesty’s forces!
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Calling Growth Consultants looking to grow client businesses more rapidly

Winning Tenders can help successful businesses grow more rapidly by writing winning tenders for council / government funded contracts: these provide a regular, guaranteed income over a 2 or 3 year period, enabling businesses to develop safe in the knowledge that the cash flow will be there.

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Bid or No Bid Decision

One of the most important decision steps in the bid process… the bid or no bid decision. It’s so important yet very often not handled as it should be.

One of our most popular videos in our series is The Bid / No bid Decision: this talks you through the essential considerations and will help you and your team to decide what your chances of success are and hence whether it’s worth investing the time/money necessary.

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