Printed Stationery NHS South West – Acutes Tender Closes 15th March

Supply of printed stationery and forms to include but not limited to leaflets, clinical forms, posters, booklets, flyers, banners, display stands, magazines/newsletters as required, A 3-year contract will be awarded to the successful contractor. The contract may be extended by a further 2 x 1 year periods by agreement of all parties and following regular performance review and achievement of key performance indicators

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Tendering in a Post-Brexit World

It will be interesting to see if, post-Brexit, there will be more enthusiasm for bidding to LAs as the potential competition reduces to a UK focus, rather than a pan-European one. At present, the (EU) Public Contracts Regulations 2015 effectively contradict the Localism Act 2011.

If you are not tendering then it may be because you think it is all a fix and so ’why waste energy on completing tenders and yet not winning any business?’. This is understandable unless you know otherwise. There are some urban myths about tendering and that one about ‘it’s all a fix, they’ve decided who they want beforehand’ is one of them. Another one is that ‘the lowest price always wins’. The public sector is obliged to obtain the best Value for Money (VfM), hence it will choose the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT). That certainly does not mean the cheapest, which could be high risk. In your bids, you need to demonstrate very clearly how you deliver VfM.

In the new world, councils will no longer be prevented from awarding contracts to local suppliers. Using social media, local businesses will be able to put pressure on LAs to ensure they play fair with the tender process. If they don’t then people will share stories and awareness of ‘dodgy dealings’ at the council could force local councillors to step in and prevent such goings on if they want to win the seat for the next term.

Ultimately winning contracts through tendering can provide a nice steady revenue stream for local businesses, allowing them to employ more people locally which, in turn, increases spending in the area by the families of those employed on the contract. The ‘Regional Economic Multiplier Effect’ states that £1 spent locally will benefit 6 or more businesses and creating a very positive economic outcome for the town.

At Winning Tenders, we help businesses across the UK to make the most of tender opportunities by cutting our way through the jargon. We are equipped with a squad of ‘tender warriors’ who like nothing better than to write the perfect winning tender. Their word craft is second to none and they love the buzz that comes with success for both them and our customer when yet another contract is awarded.  We and our ‘tender warriors’ are just waiting for you to call 😉.

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Concession – Gadebridge Park kiosk Service Supply Hertfordshire Tender Closes 20th March

Concession for Gadebridge Park Kiosk Service.

Dacorum Borough Council is inviting tenders for the Concession to provide the Gadebridge Park Kiosk Service. The contract period is for an initial 3 year period with an option to extend for a further 2 years.

The Kiosk is sited nearby Splash Park in Gadebridge Park and the Service must operate from 1 May to 30 September, 7 days a week during the splash park opening hours 10am to 6pm as a minimum. The kiosk may be open outside these hours, to open earlier or stay open later; or for example the bidder may choose to provide a service during Autumn, winter or spring at weekends or during school/public holidays.

This concession includes the option to offer refreshment services within the park boundary on a mobile basis, e.g. using a mobile ice cream cart. vehicles will only be permitted in the 2 car parks. 

However the right to trade within the park boundary is not exclusive.

As a guide we are estimating that income over July, August and September would be in the region of £35,000 – £45,000 for the successful bidder for the kiosk service alone, however this will be dependent on the type of service offered.

Tenderers must have a minimum Food Hygiene rating of Level 4 at their present location, (as there is limited cooking facility and air extraction; limited preparation space and storage, potential tenderers may have to prepare/cook food/store at another location.);
Or has experience of managing a business with a Food Hygiene rating of Level 4 within the last 3 years 

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RFQ-Environmental Consultancy for Heathfield Household Waste Recycling Site Ground Contamination SE Shared Services Closes 8th March

The Consultant shall provide environmental consultancy support to the County Council in resolving the issue of ground contamination at Heathfield HWRS.

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Invest Africa Monitoring & Evaluation Contract Notice DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Tender Closes 21st March

To support Invest Africa programme DFID seeks a suitable qualified M&E Service Provider to design and undertake rigorous monitoring and evaluation activities. The budget for services to be provided under this contract will be up to £7.5 million (up to £4 million for monitoring activities, up to £3.5 million for evaluation activities). The budget is for the planned 7 years (84 months) duration of the contract. The M&E Supplier will be responsible for delivering monitoring and evaluation activities outlined within the Terms of Reference of this ITT.

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London Protected Wreck Site: Remote Sensing Historic England Tender Closes 7th March

The London is an important Seventeenth Century Protected Wreck Site comprising two areas of extensive submerged archaeological remains lying in the Thames Estuary off Southend on Sea. First designated in October 2008, the site(s) has been subject to detailed, but limited, archaeological investigation in order to provide specific information to manage items at risk from natural and anthropogenic erosion and accretion.

Recovered material has formed a key feature of a new gallery in the Central Museum in Southend on Sea and significant artefacts have been loaned to the National Maritime Museum’s gallery on Tudor and Stuart Seafarers.

The wreck is managed by Historic England for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport but despite a recent programme of evaluation and regular monitoring by the highly-motivated voluntary Licensed team, with oversight provided by the nominated archaeologist, our understanding of the depth of stratigraphy across the two areas remains incomplete.

This lack of knowledge regarding the extent and depth of buried archaeological remains across the two designated areas is a key gap in our understanding of the London Protected Wreck Site.

This project is therefore intended to provide for a short programme of geophysical survey (comprising sub-bottom profiling only) across both sites in order to provide full and definitive information about the nature and extent of buried deposits associated with the London protected wreck site. This important piece of research will enable Historic England, and our partners, to move from reactive management to proactive management of the wreck site.

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Contract for the Exploration of Data for Autonomous and Smart Shipping Maritime & Coastguard Agency Tender Closes 15th March

The data workstream of this project aims to explore the ways in which data held by the MCA, alone or in combination with other complimentary datasets, can be used by industry to promote innovation in this sector, and to inform us as to the regulatory issues and obligations associated with the operation of autonomous ships.

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