Your mission is to persuade in less than two minutes

What is an Executive summary?

It declares purpose, creates interest, forecasts approach, establishes credibility and summarises your offer.

All that in less than two minutes, because that’s how long your decision maker will spend reading it, if you are lucky!

Best practice in the industry has developed a method or process of doing this –

Introduce → State Facts → Prove → Refute → Conclude.
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How Frequently Are You Researching Tender Opportunities?

Researching new tender opportunities needs to be part of your weekly routine. If it’s not then you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business!

In round numbers there are around 80 new opportunities each day added to council procurement portals across England and 80 tender opportunities closing to the market for the evaluation process.

Using Contracts Finder and searching for NEW and CLOSED tenders up to the 31st May, starting with…

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Fundraising for Veterans and Emergency Service Personnel Suffering with PTSD

I’d assumed that, if someone was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), then it would show itself relatively quickly after the incident that caused it. However, that is not the case.

farmable armyboots to welly boots

Penny Connorton’s experience came from being a carer for an ex-serviceman who had settled down to rural life with a farmhouse, holiday cottages, a herd of milking cows, a few chickens and other idyllic picture-postcard farm animals when the sound of a local siren caused flashbacks and nightmares 20 years after he’d served in Her Majesty’s forces!
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Calling Growth Consultants looking to grow client businesses more rapidly

Winning Tenders can help successful businesses grow more rapidly by writing winning tenders for council / government funded contracts: these provide a regular, guaranteed income over a 2 or 3 year period, enabling businesses to develop safe in the knowledge that the cash flow will be there.

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Bid or No Bid Decision

One of the most important decision steps in the bid process… the bid or no bid decision. It’s so important yet very often not handled as it should be.

One of our most popular videos in our series is The Bid / No bid Decision: this talks you through the essential considerations and will help you and your team to decide what your chances of success are and hence whether it’s worth investing the time/money necessary.

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How to Find Tender Opportunities Efficiently

The most efficient way to find tender opportunities that meet your business profile is to use two words rather than one in any tender search you do on Contracts Finder, Open Opps or Supply Finder.

To show you how this makes life easier we made this video:

Today I plugged in the word “security” looking for relevant tenders on Contracts Finder and it came up with 105 potential tenders… my initial reaction is ‘fantastic, loads to choose from’ 😉 .
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Do you know who visited your website?

I wear two hats at Winning Tenders, Sales & Marketing, which means I am constantly looking for new lead generation solutions and negotiating great terms. Visitor Queue (VQ) is the latest addition to my arsenal, replacing Lead Forensics (LF).

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Call for Tender Writers who enjoy ‘ad hoc’ Projects

Winning Tenders keep doing what our name suggests… Winning Tenders!

This means that we are always on the lookout for capable tender writers who prefer to operate under their own steam and look for ‘ad hoc’ projects to suit their way of working.
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NHS Tender – GP IT Support Services – RFI Closes 16th April 2018

Prospective bidders and interested organisations are warmly invited to a pre-procurement market engagement event being held on 25th April 2018 in Reading

We would welcome attendance from those organisations who may be interested in bidding for these services, either in their own right or as a subcontractor. It will be an opportunity to meet with the Commissioners, hear more about the services and the customers we serve and discuss the critical issues, challenges and opportunities that relate to commissioning and provision of this service.
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EXPOs are great for connecting locally

In today’s business world, with LinkedIn giving us easy access to a global network, it’s easy to overlook local business opportunities.

Local business expos are a great way to connect and re-connect to local businesses and you may well be very surprised at what you find, bump into as a result.

On Thursday 15th March 2018 Winning Tenders took part in the South West Business Expo at West Point, Exeter organised by local entrepreneur Dave Barr. Previously known as the Devon Business Show, the event used to be held at the Matford Centre and has gone from strength to strength: needing more space, it is now held at the Devon County Show Ground.

sid expo dog

Sid came along to support us after his usual minder couldn’t take him at the last minute; Dave said it would be fine to bring him along and he certainly entertained the attendees with his wags and thankfully, very few woofs 😉

Made a change from his usual pose…

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