Will you be attending the South West Business Expo Thursday 15th March?

Events like the South West Business Expo are a great way to make new connections… and thousands of business owners and senior decision makers will be making their way to this one…

We’ve just had an email from the organisers and they say that they have some…

New and exciting features for South West Business Expo 2018
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Local electrician gets a shock when Winning Tenders saves then doubles his business!

In the new world, where small contracts are consolidated to make it easier for the finance teams to process, it’s fair to assume that you could lose a nice, regular, much needed income stream if you are the smaller business up against larger competitors for what has now been put out to tender.

I asked Ian for a story about how we’d helped a small organisation up against it when the world is changing in front of their very eyes… he share this story…
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Tenders for Marketing Companies in the South West

Marketing companies in the South West are missing out on many opportunities to tender for significant business…

Below are 13 examples that will close over the next couple of months which are looking for that lucky contract winner 😉

As part of our own marketing strategy for 2018, we’d like to work with half a dozen marketing companies between Cornwall and London, helping them to find and win contracts with public sector and other organisations.
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Are You Ready to Get Tender Ready in 2018?

Happy New Year – and we hope it will be a prosperous one for you as well! With this in mind, we decided to start the year by seeing who has made a resolution to get tender ready in 2018.

There are many ways to grow your business but to do this continuously and sustainably is not so easy. Landing contracts with local authorities, NHS trusts or other large organisations, through the tender process, can provide you with regular, reliable income. Whilst this might not make you rich, it but may allow you to support a growing workforce and help you take that next step in the expansion of your business.
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Happy Christmas from Winning Tenders

Happy Christmas to our customers, suppliers and friends…

And to you, if we have only just met by the magic of the Internet!

Try not to work too hard over the Christmas period and make plenty of time for family and friends.

See/talk to you in the New Year.

Santa’s been very kind and we should be able to do both with our new video conferencing toy next year. 😉

Best wishes,

Ian Smith and the team at Winning Tenders


Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash – love

National Sales Conference 2017 – Educate, Motivate, Innovate

When the boss says, “You’re the new Sales Director so take my ticket and see what you can find out at the National Sales Conference, Ricoh Stadium, Coventry”, the initial reaction is “Oh great, another sales day lost and a bonus 400 mile round trip!”

I’ve run, hosted and been part of many exhibitions and while it can be a nice jolly, especially when you are younger and can drink 10 pints during the evening and bounce out of bed, fresh and raring to go the next day, at 52, I need my beauty sleep!
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Is it really cricket to contact lawyers about writing tenders?

We spend a lot of time helping Sales & Marketing professionals to understand that tender writing requires a different set of skills to the ones they usually deploy.

With lawyers you might argue that they are traditionally spin bowlers, trying to put the other party off their game but with tenders you need to be bringing the other team onside.

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Try out our eLearning Course on Finding Tender Opportunities

In 2016 the UK Public Sector purchased goods and services to the value of £760 billion – all of it procured by tender. The number of officially published tenders was c.17,000, excluding those without a published value.

The tender process is designed to promote fairness, transparency and efficiency in the procurement of goods and services. It is used in both the private and public sectors, with the latter being tightly governed by regulation.

So, how do you find the tender opportunities that are right for your business? We have created an online course which takes you through the process and will help you to engage with it.
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The Magic Roundabout of the Exeter Business Scene

With all the uncertainty over Brexit in the air we can do well to ‘think more local’ by making the most of our real-world business connections — people we actually know and trust – to work together and help each other to maximise opportunities.

On Wednesday morning Elliott Myatt from Play Area Hygiene Services (PAHS) proudly announced on LinkedIn that they had won their first tender!

“Don’t sound so surprised!”, I thought, you had the Winning Tenders team on your side ;-).
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Tender Research Service for Busy Sales Teams

Are you generally happy to complete your own tenders but could benefit from a third party helping with research for tender opportunities, identifying which tenders you would have the best chance of winning?

Our team of bid writers love writing tenders but when they are not doing so, they like looking for tenders that match a client’s profile, knowing that if they were writing the tender we’d have a 75% or better chance of winning.

Once found, we’ll hand the ITTs over to you for your team to write.
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