The Povision of a National Chargepoint Registry (NCR) for OLEV Department Of Transport Tender Closes 9th January

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) seeks a service provider to manage the National Chargepoint Registry (NCR). The NCR is a database of publicly-available chargepoints for electric vehicles in the UK established in 2011. The database is freely open for those who wish to use the database, either by individual data users (e.g. electric vehicle drivers) or by business data users for their products (e.g. mapping smartphone apps, satellite navigation and route planning).

If your interested and want to make a tender submission, please contact Darren Spencer ( for your access to the AWARD e-tendering portal for submission. Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

Tree Services and Associated Arboricultural Works Thurrock Council

Thurrock Council is a UK Unitary local authority located in South West Essex. It is seeking the provision of tree services from a number of suppliers who, if approved, will be added to a framework for a contract period of up to 4 years.

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RFI for Secure Data Repository (Data Safe Haven) UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Closes 4th January

UCL is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to obtain details regarding a Secure Data Repository system.

The Secure Data Repository known as UCL Data Safe Haven (DSH) Data Safe Haven service provides a technical solution for storing, handling and analysing identifiable data.
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Stationery & Office Supplies EOI Radian Closes 11th January

Radian are looking to invite to tender specialist stationery suppliers, who can deliver good quality core stationery & office refreshment products at competitive rates across various locations in the South of England. In addition to the core product list there may be a need to for the supplier to source and promote new cost-effective items.

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GB-Chatham: TMHS077 E-Learning Management System – Medway Towns M H S Homes Ltd Tender Closes 7th January

Procurement of a Learning Management System to help us deliver our People Strategy and comply with various legislative requirements.

We need a user friendly solution that delivers high value return and supports face to face learning.

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13 Days of Christmas – Lucky for some 😉

I’ve been in business for over 30 years, 20 of those pulling my own sleigh, so here is my Christmas present to all new businesses just starting out who are not averse to listening to the voice of experience… they do tend to last longer than those that believe they have all the answers!

Obviously, some of these things can’t be done in a day, you might need a few days more… it’s metaphorical fairy dust I’m sprinkling 😊

DAY 1 – Stop talking nonsense/jargon/bullsh*t – people are not stupid: don’t use fancy words unless they are necessary, just tell it as it is and you’ll have more success.

DAY 2 – Look at what you are offering and ask yourself, would you need it and what would you pay for it if you did? If you can’t easily make the case to yourself then you’ll have no chance in the real world.

DAY 3 – Tell 10 strangers what you do and ask if they would need it now or in the future. Strangers will be more honest… your mum will tell you what you want to hear!

DAY 4 – Revise your offering in line with feedback and repeat steps 3 & 4 until the responses are at least 60% positive.

DAY 5 – Can you get really enthusiastic about what you are offering? If NO then go and get a job…

DAY 6 – Why are you so enthusiastic about your product or service? Write a list of 6 key reasons…

DAY 7 – Write a blog about each of those 6 reasons and publish them to your website.

DAY 8 – Revise your LinkedIn profile in line with the current business model.

DAY 9 – Share the news via your other relevant social media channels… depending on your world some are more relevant than others… don’t waste time being a busy fool… just do what needs to be done…

DAY 10 – Identify your perfect client… define what they look like and make a list…

DAY 11 – Say hello to 100 potential customers who match your criteria and gather feedback…

DAY 12 – Review feedback, do you have a market that can generate the profits you want? If NO go back to step 3…

DAY 13 – Crack on, go back to step 6 and keep on reviewing, writing, smiling and dialling 😊

You know you are a winner… go and make it happen…



Photo by Norman Tsui on Unsplash

UK SBS CS18060 BEIS Home of 2030 the Ageing Society and Clean Growth Grand Challenge Design Competition Tender Closes 9th January

Government will launch a national design competition in the Spring 2019 as part of the Ageing Society and Clean Growth Grand Challenges. This was announced by the Energy Minister Claire Perry at Green GB Week.

The Department wishes to contract a competition organiser. The competition organiser should have significant knowledge of running competitions of this nature and should have substantial profile and credibility with industry. The competition organiser will be responsible for all elements of design, delivery, communication, promotion and evaluation of the competition. They will seek input and approvals of the Competition Steering Group led by Buildings Mission, BEIS at regular intervals as agreed by the steering group.
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Provision of Insurance Services (excluding the provision of insurance broking services) SOUTHEND-ON-SEA BOROUGH COUNCIL Tender Closes 25th January

Provision of Insurance Services (excluding the provision of insurance broking services)

This contract is divided into lots:

Lot No One: Combined Liability

Lot No 2: Motor Fleet

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British Council Safeguarding Review BRITISH COUNCIL(THE) Tender Closes 7th January

British Council established a professional Child Protection team in 2011. This has led to creating corporate policies, procedures, case management processes and related expertise, training and awareness. Due to the work that has been done the British Council is fairly mature in this area. This is acknowledged externally through our Level 1 certification by Keeping Children Safe as well requests from other charities and donor bodies for our contributions to debates.
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Lydiard Park Academy – Tender for Catering Services The Litmus Partnership Ltd Closes 11th January

Lydiard Park Academy is a secondary school in Swindon, Wiltshire, which became an Academy in 2011. They are the founding academy of the Park Academies Trust.

The tender project is seeking to appoint a supplier whose initiative and innovation will be welcomed for the provision of service within the existing facilities for the 1214 students on roll and 185 teaching and support staff, with a focus on exciting new food concepts to satisfy a wide range of pupil tastes and dietary requirements. The client would wish the successful supplier to review the current range of services offered and make recommendations accordingly.
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