Fire Safety – Passive Fire Protection LHC Tender Closes 25th March

Passive Fire Protection
To provide new or replacement fire protection as identified in the fire risk assessment or compartment survey. Appointed Company shall consider the assessments requirements and undertake their own detailed survey to ensure that operatives are able to work in the most efficient way to ensure the least disruption to the general needs of the building and include all access and safety equipment.
All work shall comply with:
– ASFP – TGD 17 CoP for the installation and inspection of fire stopping systems in buildings (Fire-stopping: Linear joint seals, penetration seals & cavity barriers 4th Edition)
– ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection) – Ensuring Best Practice for Passive Fire in Building
– Comply with all Building Regulations/Standards
– Suitably meet the fire safety design of the building
Materials used shall be third party certified unless stated by the Client.
– All fire safety product shall be ASFP/BRE or BM TRADA Q-Mark schemes or other an equivalent UKAS accredited scheme and approved by the Client.
– Penetration seals to meet EN 1366-3 for and Linear gap seals to meet EN 1366-4
Appointed Company certified to LPCB Company assessed and approved for or equivalent
– LPS 1271: Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of Company installing fire and security doors, doorsets, shutters and active smoke/fire barriers. With as a minimum – assessed and approved for installing or applying passive fire protection products under the following scope:
– Appendix 1 – Penetration, cavity barrier and linear gap seals
– FIRAS Product certification including Penetration Sealing
– Any additional work shall require the additional third party certification for the product and installation including meeting the ASFP Specified Technical Guidance Document.

Fire Doors
The provision to replace, repair and maintain fire doors, shutters and associated equipment such as door activators, side panels, header panels, glazed units and minor building works to the surrounding area.
Installations shall all be undertaken and certified by Third Party Accredited scheme such as or equal and equivalent to:
-LPS 1197: Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of Company inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire and security doors, doorsets, shutters and active smoke/fire barriers.
— Inspection
— Maintenance services and ‘one off’ general repair
FIRAS Product certification including Composite Doors, Fire Door Maintenance

LHC, SPA and WPA Clients have diverse property portfolios including domestic (single occupier and multiple occupier dwellings, low, medium and high-rise) and non-domestic (care homes and sheltered accommodation, commercial offices buildings, central or local housing team offices, halls and day care centres, municipal buildings such as libraries, sports hall, museums etc. educational buildings such as universities, schools and colleges)

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Stones Lane Play Area CRICKLADE TOWN COUNCIL Tender Closes 11th March

To design, supply and install a new play area – equipment, surfacing, fencing and associated works. 
Tender documents to be returned by 11 March 2019 to the Town Clerk.
Confirm your intention to provide a response or any queries to the Town Clerk by 1st March 2019

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Invitation to Tender (ITT) website development services for Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Hub (TEN450) CORNWALL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD Tender Closes 8th March

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Hub is part of Government’s National Growth Hub network and provides a ‘one stop shop’ service for pre-start, start up and established SMEs to seek bespoke support to foster growth and enhance productivity across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly . 

Purpose of the Growth Hub Website 
The primary goal of the Growth Hub website is to initiate contact by potential clients with the Growth Hub team. This contact may be by phone or electronically. The contact is facilitated by the provision of information about the Growth Hub, and by the provision of a variety of information and resources relevant to our target audience. Visitors can also register with the website in order to contribute various types of content such as an entry in our business directory and gain access to additional resources.

Overview of this Tender
We are seeking to engage a partner to collaborate on undertaking a functional and visual audit of our existing website, to produce and agree with us a functional and visual specification for a new website, to build and launch the new website, and then to provide support, maintenance and ongoing development for the website for the duration of the contract.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Services – Japan Season BRITISH COUNCIL (THE) Tender Closes 27th February

The overall objective of the work is to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of the Japan Season that supports ongoing organisational learning about effective practice in delivering against Season objectives, which can be utilised for a range of stakeholders and audiences. 

We are designing the Season to deliver against three specific objectives: i) to develop new partnerships, opportunities and trust between arts and creative institutions in Japan and the UK; ii) to support the development of more inclusive arts audiences in Japan, specifically for older and disabled populations; and iii) expanding the opportunities for disabled artists in Japan to work professionally. Although these are specific objectives for the Season, they form part of a long-term strategy for British Council Japan, with the Season offering an opportunity to accelerate and amplify progress against them.

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Segmented Flow Analyser University of Portsmouth Tender Closes 28th February

Segmented Flow Analyser

We wish to purchase a segmented flow analyser for the analysis of nutrient content in fresh and marine waters. The instrument must be easily portable as it may be used at sea and the laboratory, it should have 4-5 channels. We routinely analyse for nitrate, nitrite, silicate and phosphate. We have periodically high throughput so the instrument should include a good sized auto sampler.

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Debt advice, budgeting and welfare benefits advice service – Ipswich Borough Council Suffolk Sourcing tender closes 8th March

Ipswich Borough Council is inviting Quotes for the provision of a Debt Advice, Budgeting and Welfare Benefits Advice service.

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Construction Works and Associated Services Crown Commercial Service Framework Closes 15th March

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) intends to put in place a Framework Agreement for the provision of Construction Works and Associated Services for use by eligible Central Government Departments and all other UK Public Sector Bodies, including Local Authorities, Health, Police, Fire and Rescue, Education and Devolved Administrations.

The full scope of the Works and Associated Services is contained within Attachment 1a-Specification. The Works and Associated Services to be covered by this procurement will be divided into Lots. There are thirty eight (38) Lots in total. For the detailed structure please refer to Attachment 1 (About the CCS Construction Works and Associated Services Framework Alliance Contract).

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Gas Servicing Maintenance & Repair Suffolk Sourcing Tender Closes 28th February

Domestic Gas Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance Contract incorporating Industrial systems and installations within Sheltered Schemes and Homeless Units.

The contractor will be responsible for the provision of a comprehensive gas servicing, repair and maintenance regime that ensures tenant and the general public’s safety.

A full works programme for carrying out and providing a Landlords Safety Record as per Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 must be adhered for the duration of the contract; this scope will cover domestic and commercial installations.

Maintenance and repairs upon gas installations are to be carried out as required in order to ensure that the gas installations are fully operational and operating in a safe working manner.

All works carried out as an emergency will be in accordance with the lump sum or the prices detailed in the schedule of rates, at no extra charge to the Council.

IBC is the largest landlord in Suffolk providing management and maintenance to approximately 7500 rented properties. Our properties include a mix of bungalows, flats, houses, homeless units and 15 sheltered housing schemes. IBC also manages sheltered schemes and various other properties.

The Council is committed to providing a high quality service with an active involvement from our tenants in the development, delivery, and review of the services. We have obtained several awards for our service.

An important element of our repairing obligation is the servicing and maintenance of the gas appliances, systems, and supply. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its tenants; the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 specifically deal with the duties of the landlord to ensure that gas appliances, fittings, and flues provided for tenants use are safe.

This contract is intended to provide our tenants with a high quality gas servicing and maintenance service offering both peace of mind and good value. 

The Council continually provides an excellent service to our tenants by working closely and professionally with our gas contractors.

Data and contract information is shared using a ‘shared web based portal’.

A vital part of the contract involves the legal requirement of the contractor to produce a valid gas Landlord Safety Record, which is currently stored and recorded electronically.

Emergency and/or breakdown cover is provided 365 days per year / 24 hours. 

Gas central heating and hot water systems are maintained and serviced as required, each attendance is recorded and a job sheet produced.

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EBC MB Asbestos Management Contract SE Shared Services Tender Closes 12th March

Elmbridge Borough Council is approaching the market with the view of appointing a Asbestos management company to undertake the management of Asbestos within the council’s portfolio of properties (see property list document published)

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Evaluation of Reading Well Books on Prescription The Reading Agency Tender Closes 12th March

The Reading Agency would like to commission an external agency, or two agencies with one taking an overall supervisory role, to undertake an evaluation of Reading Well Books on Prescription 2018-19 in both England and Wales.

Reading Well helps people to understand and manage their health and wellbeing using self-help reading. The scheme is delivered via quality-assured booklists endorsed by health experts, as well as people with lived experience of the health conditions covered. These lists are available from public libraries through either self-referral or referral by health professionals. 

This is the sixth annual evaluation of the programme in England and the first-year evaluation for Wales. The evaluation will focus on the following key areas: the programme’s impact on users, libraries, health partners and prescribers; the reach of the programme; the cost benefits of the scheme as a health intervention; and the particular impact of the scheme being made available bilingually (English and Welsh). We expect that both quantitative and qualitative methods will be required. 

Key tasks will include:
• Conducting quantitative and qualitative research on the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme
• Analysing and reporting on data and feedback related to the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme for the final cumulative report
• Advising on the development of survey tools to generate prescriber and library data about the use and impact of the scheme
• Drawing comparisons between data in England and Wales and presenting identified trends
• Reviewing the methodology used in the past and making general recommendations for future approaches that will effectively capture the high-level data needed to evaluate the programme as a whole, while retaining the ability to analyse localised trends 

Deadline for submissions: 12 March 2019 at 5 p.m.

Budget: The total maximum budget available for this research project is £22,000 inclusive of VAT.

Application details can be found in the ITT.

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