How to Find Tender Opportunities Efficiently

The most efficient way to find tender opportunities that meet your business profile is to use two words rather than one in any tender search you do on Contracts Finder, Open Opps or Supply Finder.

To show you how this makes life easier we made this video:

Today I plugged in the word “security” looking for relevant tenders on Contracts Finder and it came up with 105 potential tenders… my initial reaction is ‘fantastic, loads to choose from’ 😉 .
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Do you know who visited your website?

I wear two hats at Winning Tenders, Sales & Marketing, which means I am constantly looking for new lead generation solutions and negotiating great terms. Visitor Queue (VQ) is the latest addition to my arsenal, replacing Lead Forensics (LF).

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Call for Tender Writers who enjoy ‘ad hoc’ Projects

Winning Tenders keep doing what our name suggests… Winning Tenders!

This means that we are always on the lookout for capable tender writers who prefer to operate under their own steam and look for ‘ad hoc’ projects to suit their way of working.
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NHS Tender – GP IT Support Services – RFI Closes 16th April 2018

Prospective bidders and interested organisations are warmly invited to a pre-procurement market engagement event being held on 25th April 2018 in Reading

We would welcome attendance from those organisations who may be interested in bidding for these services, either in their own right or as a subcontractor. It will be an opportunity to meet with the Commissioners, hear more about the services and the customers we serve and discuss the critical issues, challenges and opportunities that relate to commissioning and provision of this service.
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EXPOs are great for connecting locally

In today’s business world, with LinkedIn giving us easy access to a global network, it’s easy to overlook local business opportunities.

Local business expos are a great way to connect and re-connect to local businesses and you may well be very surprised at what you find, bump into as a result.

On Thursday 15th March 2018 Winning Tenders took part in the South West Business Expo at West Point, Exeter organised by local entrepreneur Dave Barr. Previously known as the Devon Business Show, the event used to be held at the Matford Centre and has gone from strength to strength: needing more space, it is now held at the Devon County Show Ground.

sid expo dog

Sid came along to support us after his usual minder couldn’t take him at the last minute; Dave said it would be fine to bring him along and he certainly entertained the attendees with his wags and thankfully, very few woofs 😉

Made a change from his usual pose…

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Looking for international business opportunities? Try

The brain child of Lord Waverley, allows you to find business partners across the globe and the cherry on top, from our point of view, is the ability to find international RFPs and ITTs.

Currently it is a free platform which enables you to find opportunities around the world by searching their database of over 200,000 active tender opportunities.

SupplyFinder exists to benefit businesses across the world, by highlighting relevant business opportunities along with key supporting information to enable and deliver international trade and investment.

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Searching for tenders using Contracts Finder help guide

Contracts Finder is a fantastic tool for finding public sector Invitations to Tender ITTs in England and this video is a help guide on to how to use the search facility to find tender writing opportunities for your business.

It’s effective because it uses using Boolean search strings – you don’t really need to know that but it’s the reason that this method will save you time!

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NHS Non-Emergency Patient Transport Contracts for the South West

Are you, or do you know, an organisation that has a fleet of vehicles that could take on one or two of these NHS Non-Emergency Patient Transport Contracts?

Ad-Hoc HDU Patient Transport Service
Closing date: 9th March
Value: £150k

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTs)
Closing date: 24th May
Value: £14.6m
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Looking to network with London businesses from the South West?

If you’re selling cheap shoes then ebay is the way all day long but if you want designer shoes, do you go to Asda or phone the PM for a recommendation?

So it is with service-led SME businesses… people need to know, like and trust you before they’ll do business and The Business Network Exeter is a great way to meet business owners from the South West. Apart from the lunch itself there’s always a great free seminar beforehand for you to learn something new.
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Why the tender wasn’t won

Not only is it common courtesy to tell unsuccessful bidders why they have not been selected, for many organisations it is also essential to provide a debrief.

When someone has gone to a great deal of effort to win the bid and produce a high quality tender document that gets them through to the tender shortlist presentation, then telling them why they didn’t win the contract makes all parties feel good.
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