London Tender Opportunity – Curriculum Programme Pilot

Value of contract: £2.4m

Closing date: 17 September 2018

The Department for Education launched the Curriculum Programme Pilot on 26 July 2018. This pilot is the first phase of the £7.7m Curriculum Fund, a manifesto commitment to support schools and teachers access high quality curriculum resources.

The curriculum programme pilot funding is for schools that have developed high quality, knowledge-rich curriculum programmes in history, geography and/or science at key stages 2 and/or 3…

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London Tender Opportunity – (CON-18-108) Preparedness for Recovery from a Cyber-Attack

Value of contract: £25k – £181k

Closing date: 21 September 2018

For more details and to access the tender documentation, please REGISTER FOR BRAVOSOLUTION ( – the FCA’s e-tendering solution. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. Once registered, please search for “CON-18-108 – Preparedness for Recovery from a Cyber-Attack”.

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London Tender Opportunity – Provision of Community Navigator Services for Older People in Haringey

value of contract: 

Closing date: 13 September 2018

Following a recent market engagement event on 7th June 2018, Haringey Council is inviting suppliers to a follow up event for the forthcoming tender for the Provision of a Community Navigator service for Older People in Haringey…

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London Tender Opportunity – XenApp Subscription License Renewal 2018

Value of contract: £20k

Closing date: 11 September 2018

The BFI has an Enterprise XenApp Server 7.11 with 550 XenApp user licenses and 10 Enterprise XenDesktop licenses and wants to renew its subscription for a period of 12 months with our current license expiring on 6th October 2018…

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London Tender Opportunity – London and Quadrant Housing Trust, Tower Cranes Framework

Value of contract: 

Closing date: 07 September 2018

London and Quadrant Housing Trust are tendering for the provision of the hiring of Tower Cranes for London and Quadrant’s Self Delivered New Build Projects to comply with the Public Contracts regulations 2015. The objective of this tender process is to establish a Framework Agreement with the tenderers and London and Quadrant Housing Trust for a period of two years. This is tender is for service providers only. Rebates will be required…

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London Tender Opportunity – LBH Shared Lives Service

Value of contract: £763k

Closing date: 07 September 2018

Shared Lives is used by people with learning disabilities, people with mental health needs, older people, people with physical disabilities, care leavers, parents with disabilities and their children, people who misuse substances, offenders and for people who are ready to leave hospital that need some time to recuperate with a Shared Lives carer. The service can be used for someone to live long-term or as part of a short break for family carers. The service includes the provision of long-term care and accommodation, respite support overnight and day support…

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Are you making the most of technology in the work place?

Times they are always a changing! Technology can help you streamline what you are already doing and make you more efficient. But there is no point in deploying technology just for the sake of it… nearly 20 years ago I launched an email marketing business which was ahead of the game, took a couple of years to gain traction and then worked nicely for a few years until every man and his dog developed an email marketing platform and the margins fell through the floor.

Ask folk today how many new email newsletters they sign up for…. I bet it’s not many, if any! But there are no end of marketing companies promoting an email marketing solution for your business and if sold in the “right way” the business owner is all excited about this “new initiative” but really they have bought a duck… which they will realise in a few months and never believe a marketing guru again! It’s had its day
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Award-Winning Winning Tenders

No, it’s not a mistake – we are Winning Tenders and we are now Award-Winning.

Professional writers, and other literati, will realise that the hyphen makes all the difference!

I went to an awards dinner last week, not expecting to walk away with a prize – that wouldn’t be the British way of doing things now would it ?.

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