13 Days of Christmas – Lucky for some 😉

I’ve been in business for over 30 years, 20 of those pulling my own sleigh, so here is my Christmas present to all new businesses just starting out who are not averse to listening to the voice of experience… they do tend to last longer than those that believe they have all the answers!

Obviously, some of these things can’t be done in a day, you might need a few days more… it’s metaphorical fairy dust I’m sprinkling 😊

DAY 1 – Stop talking nonsense/jargon/bullsh*t – people are not stupid: don’t use fancy words unless they are necessary, just tell it as it is and you’ll have more success.

DAY 2 – Look at what you are offering and ask yourself, would you need it and what would you pay for it if you did? If you can’t easily make the case to yourself then you’ll have no chance in the real world.

DAY 3 – Tell 10 strangers what you do and ask if they would need it now or in the future. Strangers will be more honest… your mum will tell you what you want to hear!

DAY 4 – Revise your offering in line with feedback and repeat steps 3 & 4 until the responses are at least 60% positive.

DAY 5 – Can you get really enthusiastic about what you are offering? If NO then go and get a job…

DAY 6 – Why are you so enthusiastic about your product or service? Write a list of 6 key reasons…

DAY 7 – Write a blog about each of those 6 reasons and publish them to your website.

DAY 8 – Revise your LinkedIn profile in line with the current business model.

DAY 9 – Share the news via your other relevant social media channels… depending on your world some are more relevant than others… don’t waste time being a busy fool… just do what needs to be done…

DAY 10 – Identify your perfect client… define what they look like and make a list…

DAY 11 – Say hello to 100 potential customers who match your criteria and gather feedback…

DAY 12 – Review feedback, do you have a market that can generate the profits you want? If NO go back to step 3…

DAY 13 – Crack on, go back to step 6 and keep on reviewing, writing, smiling and dialling 😊

You know you are a winner… go and make it happen…



Photo by Norman Tsui on Unsplash

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