Are you making the most of technology in the work place?

Times they are always a changing! Technology can help you streamline what you are already doing and make you more efficient. But there is no point in deploying technology just for the sake of it… nearly 20 years ago I launched an email marketing business which was ahead of the game, took a couple of years to gain traction and then worked nicely for a few years until every man and his dog developed an email marketing platform and the margins fell through the floor.

Ask folk today how many new email newsletters they sign up for…. I bet it’s not many, if any! But there are no end of marketing companies promoting an email marketing solution for your business and if sold in the “right way” the business owner is all excited about this “new initiative” but really they have bought a duck… which they will realise in a few months and never believe a marketing guru again! It’s had its day

My focus these days is on Winning Tenders and finding new customers to try our services… once they have worked with us then they are likely to stick around as we are professionals doing an honest day’s work, not some fly by night organisation that’s only interested in a fast buck.

Knowing this I can focus my energy on ensuring that I am knocking on the doors of at least 3 strangers each day… and I am using technology to help me be efficient.

This morning I have been in touch with half a dozen new companies and followed up with a dozen more: now I’m writing this post to celebrate the time I have freed up in implementing my August plan and we still have a few days week to go.

In streamlining the processes, I have 3 core objectives:

• Making contact with at least 3 new companies each day
• Ensuring I am on top of any ongoing conversations by lunch-time each day, and
• Creating 5 hours of “space” each week for marketing and business planning.

Prospecting is key, the life blood of any business, and to do this you have to start talking to strangers. It might be 3 or 4 years before they come on board but the journey has to start somewhere hence my initial “Hello!”

There is nothing more irritating of an evening when you are trying to relax after a hard day when your conscience reminds me that you should have talked to Fred, Bob, Sheila and Harry today… you want them out of your head and in a process that keeps flowing, even if they are out when you call and you have to add them to your to-do list for next week… you need to keep that flow going and then you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

If all you are doing is phoning around the same people and you have no time for new prospects or thinking about the future then all that will happen is that you will not move forward. There’s a saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you always got!” That’s close to one of the well-known definitions of insanity!

To avoid that conundrum, you need to change the way you do things and this probably means deploying a bit of technology. Much of which, especially if you are just starting on that journey, will have already been developed by someone with the same problem, or I should say, who used to have the same problem!

Have a good ponder around what you are doing, and which bits might be improved if only there was a solution… then Google that solution and, as sure as eggs is eggs, one or two will pop up front and centre… then try them for a week and see what happens. If you notice time and space coming your way, then tweak your processes a bit more ?.

As your business moves forward and you have a couple of years’ accounts available, which are showing a steady growth, then you will be ready to start looking at what tendering might do for your business.

Give me a call when on solid ground and we can work out how we might be able to help you move forward.

Thank you.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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