Buyers’ Views of Bidders by Graham Ablett, Strategic Proposals

I enjoyed my first APMP event last night hosted by SAP, Feltham. Graham Ablett was the key note with his presentation on “Buyers’ Views of Bidders”.

You can download the white paper off their website here…

The evening started with a spot of networking over a fine buffet which seems to have confused my scales this morning! The conversation ranged from airport installations to dog whispering… no wonder I was retrieving sandwiches so readily…
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Bid or No Bid Decision

One of the most important decision steps in the bid process… the bid or no bid decision. It’s so important yet very often not handled as it should be.

One of our most popular videos in our series is The Bid / No bid Decision: this talks you through the essential considerations and will help you and your team to decide what your chances of success are and hence whether it’s worth investing the time/money necessary.

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