Current Tender Notices

Ref: OCN406 Manchester Dynamic Purchasing System — Deep Energy Demand Reduction Works Plus is establishing a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the design, supply and installation of energy demand reductions works to individual properties across the North West. The properties to which works will be carried out will be a mixture of privately-owned properties and properties that are owned by social housing organisations. The works completed to privately owned properties will be instructed by Retrofit Works Ltd, who will act on behalf of the owner of the property. The works form part of the Homes as Energy Systems Project that … Continue reading Current Tender Notices


How Frequently Are You Researching Tender Opportunities?

Researching new tender opportunities needs to be part of your weekly routine. If it’s not then you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business!

In round numbers there are around 80 new opportunities each day added to council procurement portals across England and 80 tender opportunities closing to the market for the evaluation process.

Using Contracts Finder and searching for NEW and CLOSED tenders up to the 31st May, starting with…

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elliot myatt and guy heynes entrepreneurs

The Magic Roundabout of the Exeter Business Scene

With all the uncertainty over Brexit in the air we can do well to ‘think more local’ by making the most of our real-world business connections — people we actually know and trust – to work together and help each other to maximise opportunities.

On Wednesday morning Elliott Myatt from Play Area Hygiene Services (PAHS) proudly announced on LinkedIn that they had won their first tender!

“Don’t sound so surprised!”, I thought, you had the Winning Tenders team on your side ;-).
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How to find Opportunities you can Bid for

One of the first challenges you might find when you enter the world of formal bids and tenders is knowing where to look for bidding opportunities. Whether you are bidding for private or public sector contracts there are many ways you can make the process more straightforward. The following video tutorial will talk you through some of the ways you can find relevant bidding opportunities. There are probably more ways than you imagine. The most common source for public sector contracts is the Contracts Finder website. Private sector bidding opportunities can be harder to track down. There are still plenty of … Continue reading How to find Opportunities you can Bid for