Choose Your Winning Tenders ‘Tender Readiness Check’ – SME or Corporate?

Before we can help you with tenders, we need to know all about your company. This is a process of data sharing and conversations that enable us to build an understanding of who you are and where you want to go. We call this process the Tender Readiness Check (TRC) and it’s a series of questions across a 7-page checklist. We don’t expect you to have answers to all the questions but the more detail we have the better. If you want to get serious about tendering, don’t leave it until you see a tender notice you’d like to respond … Continue reading Choose Your Winning Tenders ‘Tender Readiness Check’ – SME or Corporate?


Tender Readiness Checklist

Have you been thinking about how you could grow your business more quickly, possibly by engaging with the tender process?

Tendering can be time consuming but many tender submission can be turned round in a few days by the professional bid writers at Winning Tenders once we have a library of the necessary information about your business. This can take time to compile because some areas of your business might need additional attention which cannot be spun round in a few days.

You’ve heard the story about the tortoise and the hare? Continue reading “Tender Readiness Checklist”