Team Profile: Introducing Nicola Gordon-Thaxter, Bid Manager

At Winning Tenders, we take great pride in providing expert advice and services to those who are seeking professional bid writing and tender support and guidance. Our team love what they do so we decided to delve into their individual … Continue reading Team Profile: Introducing Nicola Gordon-Thaxter, Bid Manager

Three Core Procurement Contracts

Bid writers have seen many changes in the structure of the competitive contract and processes. The development of small and medium-sized company involvement has led to new opportunities, outlined below. Winning Tenders have a team of experts who can help … Continue reading Three Core Procurement Contracts


Your mission is to persuade in less than two minutes

What is an Executive summary?

It declares purpose, creates interest, forecasts approach, establishes credibility and summarises your offer.

All that in less than two minutes, because that’s how long your decision maker will spend reading it, if you are lucky!

Best practice in the industry has developed a method or process of doing this –

Introduce → State Facts → Prove → Refute → Conclude.
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Is it really cricket to contact lawyers about writing tenders?

We spend a lot of time helping Sales & Marketing professionals to understand that tender writing requires a different set of skills to the ones they usually deploy.

With lawyers you might argue that they are traditionally spin bowlers, trying to put the other party off their game but with tenders you need to be bringing the other team onside.

I’ve invited around 500 lawyers to connect over the last week asking “Anyone for Cricket?” Continue reading “Is it really cricket to contact lawyers about writing tenders?”

soapbox islington

Dragons + Winning Tenders = bridging the digital divide for young people in London

When Dragon Hall Trust charity’s James Dellow mentioned to Business Network host Helen Bennett that he had a difficult tender to complete for Islington Council and ‘did she know anyone who could help?’, little did he know how well it would turn out.

The bid was for a £700,000 grant in the form of a 3-year contract that would enable the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust to run a new kind of youth centre, enhancing the digital skills of young people including the ‘hard to reach’ in and around the area.

Operating on a budget of c.£500,000 this was a significant ask for the Trust but James and his team had put in many hours over 10 years developing the Trust’s activities in the Covent Garden area and felt ready to take on this challenge in Islington… he just needed Islington Council to feel sure they could deliver.
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Are you being asked to tender for MSP contracts?

Ian Smith, our CEO, has been winning tenders for over 30 years, initially in the corporate world and latterly, on behalf of his SME clients, through Winning Tenders as a service provider.

You might say MSP (managed services provider) is the modern phrase for a company that plugs a client’s business support systems together to improve throughput, efficiency and profitability.
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Tender Writing for Ambitious Businesses

Our mission is to help ambitious SMEs to grow by enabling them to compete successfully with larger organisations in the world of formal tender writing.

Founder Ian Smith has over 30 years’ experience of formal tender writing experience and Winning Tenders has a win rate of over 75% for the tenders submitted on behalf of its clients! With our growing team of qualified, experienced bid writers we can help ambitious businesses to grow more rapidly than they would otherwise be able to simply under their own steam.
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