SME business gains from BREXIT

In Monday’s Telegraph Business section, respected economist Roger Bootle says:

‘Brexit will produce some losers and some winners. Those business leaders who have been pontificating recently may be among the losers. But they do not represent all of British business.

It is noticeable that large numbers of businesspeople have not said anything in public at all. In particular, very few owners and/or managers of small businesses have spoken out.They are predominantly potential winners from Brexit – especially from a full Brexit. They gain little or nothing from the single market but suffer from a welter of EU-driven legislation and regulation.

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NHS Non-Emergency Patient Transport Contracts for the South West

Are you, or do you know, an organisation that has a fleet of vehicles that could take on one or two of these NHS Non-Emergency Patient Transport Contracts?

Ad-Hoc HDU Patient Transport Service
Closing date: 9th March
Value: £150k

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTs)
Closing date: 24th May
Value: £14.6m
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Looking to network with London businesses from the South West?

If you’re selling cheap shoes then ebay is the way all day long but if you want designer shoes, do you go to Asda or phone the PM for a recommendation?

So it is with service-led SME businesses… people need to know, like and trust you before they’ll do business and The Business Network Exeter is a great way to meet business owners from the South West. Apart from the lunch itself there’s always a great free seminar beforehand for you to learn something new.
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Tenders for Marketing Companies in the South West

Marketing companies in the South West are missing out on many opportunities to tender for significant business…

Below are 13 examples that will close over the next couple of months which are looking for that lucky contract winner 😉

As part of our own marketing strategy for 2018, we’d like to work with half a dozen marketing companies between Cornwall and London, helping them to find and win contracts with public sector and other organisations.
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Are You Ready to Get Tender Ready in 2018?

Happy New Year – and we hope it will be a prosperous one for you as well! With this in mind, we decided to start the year by seeing who has made a resolution to get tender ready in 2018.

There are many ways to grow your business but to do this continuously and sustainably is not so easy. Landing contracts with local authorities, NHS trusts or other large organisations, through the tender process, can provide you with regular, reliable income. Whilst this might not make you rich, it but may allow you to support a growing workforce and help you take that next step in the expansion of your business.
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Happy Christmas from Winning Tenders

Happy Christmas to our customers, suppliers and friends…

And to you, if we have only just met by the magic of the Internet!

Try not to work too hard over the Christmas period and make plenty of time for family and friends.

See/talk to you in the New Year.

Santa’s been very kind and we should be able to do both with our new video conferencing toy next year. 😉

Best wishes,

Ian Smith and the team at Winning Tenders


Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash – love

Recruitment Tenders – 3 examples

Why should recruitment agencies consider growing their businesses through tendering?

Sometimes it’s the only way you’ll be able to do business with public sector organisations: they must be seen to be utterly fair so the process has to be transparent and bids are measured carefully against the published scoring. However, the tender process can be challenging and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Winning Tenders has helped the following recruitment agencies to win sizeable public sector contracts:
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