Interested in E-commerce Tenders? #ECE18

Fact… if an organisation funded by the public purse is looking for help with an e-commerce solution or components thereof, the value of which is over £25k, then they will need to publish their needs as an Invitation to Tender.

Those e-commerce companies that have got 3 years of accounts and other key documents in place will be given the opportunity to tender… all they then need to do is get the tender written correctly!

Guess what we do 😉

WINNING TENDERS have written tenders for hundreds of companies over the years and advised many more not to waste resources on taking part until they have the requisite documentation and evidence in place.

We currently have a win rate of 75% because of our professional approach to bid writing.

Here are a few examples of current Invitations to Tender:

The British Library

Pre Market Engagement Card Payment Services
Leicester City Council

Merchant Services
University of Bristol

Dynamic Purchasing System for Professional Services – Associate Network for Liverpool Business School
Liverpool John Moores University

Please contact us if you are thinking of getting involved in tendering and we can talk about how we can help you navigate your way to success.

I’m attending the eCommerce Expo on Thursday 27th September. If you’d like me to stop by your stand and say hello then tweet me @jondavey, text me on 07717 820823 or email

Thank you.


Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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