How to Find Tender Opportunities Efficiently

The most efficient way to find tender opportunities that meet your business profile is to use two words rather than one in any tender search you do on Contracts Finder, Open Opps or Supply Finder.

To show you how this makes life easier we made this video:

Today I plugged in the word “security” looking for relevant tenders on Contracts Finder and it came up with 105 potential tenders… my initial reaction is ‘fantastic, loads to choose from’ 😉 .

But is that really the case? A quick read through the first few pages and it soon becomes apparent that “security” gets changed to “secure”, because I might also mean that, and so we get options from “secure child lock” to “secure nuclear waste” and all things securely in between!

By taking two words we drastically reduce the options “security+guarding” comes in with 3, “security+services” a manageable 8, “cyber+security” gives us 6 and “site+security” is 4. Numbers are smaller but then you can read 4 tender opportunity titles while having coffee, taking a deeper dive if it has some resemblance of a good business opportunity for you.

I followed suit on Open Opps and Supply Finder to check their results. Obviously the numbers are way higher as they look at global tendering opportunities as well as the UK – but the principle is the same.

What two words best describe a great business opportunity for you? Complete the form on our contact page and I’ll see what I can find for you…

Thank you.


Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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