Step 1. Getting ready to tender

The initial step in the process is the completion of a Tender Readiness Check. We will ensure that all required policies and governance requirements are in place to be able to bid for relevant public contracts. Where gaps are identified, we will develop a roadmap for completion.

The cost of the Tender Readiness Check is nominal at £450+VAT, the cost of which will be discounted against your first Winning Tenders bid submission.

Step 2.  That winning feeling

Following the Tender Readiness Check, we will focus on identifying the right opportunities. This may involve identifying and pursuing a suitable Framework Agreement or Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which are usually large multiyear, multi supplier agreements that, when appointed, provide the possibility of being awarded valuable business opportunities through a reduced bid process.

Not only do qualifying for a framework or DPS demonstrate your readiness for live tenders and provide ongoing opportunities for contract wins, they also provide credibility and confidence to buying organisations that you are accredited within the public sector.

Step 3.  The Winning Tenders Client Partner relationship

We only uncover ideal pre-qualified, high-frequency, high value opportunities for our Client Partners that provide a high likelihood of success.

Our systematic opportunity identification process makes it easy to interpret the confusing nature of public tender notices. With a thorough understanding of your ideal opportunities, we will begin to place winnable, high value tender opportunities in front of you as soon as they are released.

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Getting Started Winning Tenders
Getting Started Winning Tenders
Getting Started Winning Tenders
Getting Started Winning Tenders
Getting Started Winning Tenders

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