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Making the most of the Heart of the South West Growth Hub

If you are looking to grow your business in the South West then it probably makes a great deal of sense to register as a supplier with the Heart of the South West Growth Hub.

In a more formal tender process then it can help your pitch if you are known to those around the table making the decision to put you forward, or not, to the next round of the tender process.

So if you register on the various local databases that might be used by those putting out tender opportunities for day to day, under tender value, council / business projects then you are going to increase your exposure and therefore chances of being recognised as a “known local business”.

It takes 5 minutes to register on the Heart of the South West Growth Hub suppliers database… silly not to… just use the copy of the home page of your website as they only want 250 words.


You should find us on there too. By the way, there are 39 local growth hubs around the country so, depending on your business it could make sense to publish your details on each and every Growth Hub website…


Thank you.


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