How to win tenders – create a compelling sales proposal

Many people want to know how to win tenders and so we’d be negligent not to write a blog on the topic as that’s what we do really, really well.

So well in fact that, in a recent ‘red review’ of a large construction company’s draft bid, we made crucial recommendations for changes in 6 of the 7 key areas. Changes made, that company went on to win a £45m contract.

The key to winning a tender, assuming the business risk factors match up, is being succinct in your response to the questions.

Don’t use sales or marketing jargon, stick to the essentials of the topic in question and use no more words than are asked for.

Reviewing recent company reports and the client’s website can help you identify elements that stand out, their mission and values – what is most important to that company and why.

To exaggerate in making the point, if their chairman is looking to make a difference to the world and win a Nobel Peace Prize then share how your chairman won the very same within the context of the project – this will act as a Belisha beacon to those reading it.

What you need to do is show your competitive edge…

If there is no tender what you need is a compelling sales proposal and as luck would have it we’ve also done a video on that… enjoy…

That’s how to win tenders.

Thank you.


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