2020 Modern Slavery Victim Care Procurement Home Office Tender Closes 13th November

The Authority, is committed to raising awareness of the signs of modern slavery; to support victims to build a better life; and to bring perpetrators to justice. As part of this commitment the Authority is seeking to fulfil the UK’s obligations to provide assistance to adult victims of human trafficking, detailed in Articles 11 and 12 of the Council of Europe Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings (ECAT), and is procuring a new contract to provide care for adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales. Through this contract, accommodation, support and assistance will be provided to potential victims of modern slavery and human trafficking to assist in their recovery. The Authority will provide subsistence and support to all those where there are reasonable grounds to believe they might be a victim of human trafficking or modern slavery.

The Authority seeks a commercial partner to provide the following support and assistance:
• Support Services – providing accommodation or outreach support depending on the needs of victims
• 24 Hour referral services – for First Responders to refer potential victims requiring immediate support ahead of making a full referral into the National Referral Mechanism
• Transport – of victims and their dependants
• Translation and Interpretation – to ensure that victims have the information they need in a language they understand
• Subsistence – a means of providing financial support to victims
• Reach In support services – for confirmed victims after leaving the main support service to aid the transition back in to society.

The contract will consist of a 6 month mobilisation period, to allow suppliers to secure accommodation, staffing and set up the service to ensure a smooth transition from the existing contract, having minimal impact on the Service Users – followed by a 5 year contract, with the option to extend by up to 3 years. We anticipate that the services as detailed within the tender documents and supporting annexes will be no greater than £160m over the initial five year term (including mobilisation). The low and high contract values given include scope for: a) the option to extend the contract from 5 to 8 years; b) volumetric variations and c) legislative or policy changes. The scope of the contract is in line with current legislation, policy and projected volumes of Service Users.

However, the resulting contract must be able to respond to changes, including value increases/decreases, and/or as yet unknown legislative or policy changes and volumetric changes, and the supplier must commit to being able to undertake the additional services and be able to secure the resources to do so. The Authority, at this stage does not commit to provide the full contract value and/or any additional services, as the need for these will be reviewed throughout the lifetime of the contract.

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