Advanced Trade Policy Training Course Foreign & Commonwealth Office Tender Closes 16th September

Design and deliver a bespoke, class-room based, Advanced Trade Policy (ATP) training programme.
The ATP supports the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Trade Policy and Negotiations Faculty (the ‘Faculty’) programme to ensure civil servants improve their trade policy expertise.

ATP is aimed above the Practitioner level to complement the Faculty’s Expert Deep Dive and international negotiation programmes.

ATP Learners will gain the skills and knowledge they need to develop and deliver trade and investment policy effectively. The course will cover a range of trade policy issues relevant to the UK government. These include:

– the role and impact of a trade regime in supporting UK priorities abroad;
– the impact of a trade regime on key national policy areas;
– improving UK access to overseas markets.
– How trade objectives can be achieved through different vehicles.

This course is aimed at civil servants who are generalists.

They work on cross-cutting trade policy, across a wide range of government departments. They need a more thorough knowledge in all facets of trade than is provided for at Practitioner level.

Candidates for the ATP have completed the Practitioner level or already have the equivalent knowledge.

Candidates are responsible for implementing trade policy at a senior level. They may contribute to the development of trade strategy.

ATP should focus on developing a breadth of knowledge across a range of trade policy portfolios. The goal is to give officers the skills to assess the impact of international trade regimes on trade strategy and policy across government.

ATP is not aimed at specialist chapter leads or chief negotiators. These officers will use the Deep Dive programme that specialises in providing in-depth knowledge of specific trade topics. ATP candidates may progress to the Deep Dive programme if they need a profound knowledge of specialist areas of trade regimes.
ATP should not cover negotiations strategy or skills. The Faculty already offers this training.

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