After March 2019 if there’s no deal…

OJEU/TED will be replaced by a UK-specific e-notification service…

We need to start rallying our MPs to make sure they are doing the best for the UK post Brexit byreminding them to encourage public sector procurement departments to ensure businesses remain confident by regularly publishing opportunities so that they appear on Contracts Finder –

Freedom from EU procurement rules means councils can more easily use small and local businesses. If MPs and / or opposition candidates were to focus their energy on ensuring their local authorities are publishing tender opportunities attractive to such businesses they can lead the way when it comes to showing confidence in the future…… strong leaders from the business world and the school of hard knocks can do just that. They will make the difference but public sector buyers can help by ensuring a plethora of opportunities are available on the run up to Brexit and smoothly flowing after that. This will set the tone for the nation post-Brexit because small, local businesses will have more and more opportunities once the EU procurement regulations no longer apply.

We at Winning Tenders hereby call on all those in positions of influence to stand up and be counted… to encourage local authorities and NHS Trusts to deliver that stream of tender opportunities for small, local businesses who need no longer be squeezed out by the aforesaid EU procurement regulations.

Positive action by politicians at both a national and a local level will help to ensure that businesses will grow and Britain will prosper. We want to see an optimistic outlook and a flourishing business environment for our young people to be part of – don’t you?

Thank you.


Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

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