Analysis and Reconciliation Services East Of England NHS Collaborative Hub Tender Closes 17th January 2020

EOECPH is seeking experienced, proven, innovative and agile providers as our framework partners to deliver Analysis and Reconciliation Services (a Services framework) being procured under the ‘open’ procedure in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015. Full details of the Authority’s requirements set out in the Specification of the tender schedules.

This multi lotted framework will provide focused and specialised support, ensuring services delivered to the Beneficiaries conform to very latest and all relevant legislative, regulatory and or best practice arrangements applicable to, or for, the type of entity they are and the services they deliver.

Providers awarded to the Framework will from time to time need to be prepared to be flexible in regard to the skillsets and core content they offer for the services identified under this framework, as may be necessary during the life of the contract, to ensure their service elements for the Lot or Lots they are awarded to are, and remain, topical, focused, timely and relevant in respect of Lot service provision. Through the ability of potential bidders to submit innovative charge rate pricing solutions the Framework from time to time will be able to offer tailored advice and consultancy support services to Beneficiaries, ensuring any developing requirements during the lifetime of the framework are captured and met.

Bidders will need to confirm their acceptance of the requirements of providing services through the framework, as part of the Qualification process/envelope.

Should Bidders need to introduce partners or sub-contracting arrangements to adhere to this requirement, or to alter arrangements identified as part of the tender process, to ensure the service offering remains valid, this will be allowed for and captured within the Framework Contract.

Services to be provided under this Framework have been broken down into Lots, Bidders may bid for and be awarded against more than one Lot.

This ITT and proposed framework is comprised of ten (11) Lots:
Lot One – Telecommunications (Fixed & Mobile)
Lot Two – Energy – Electricity, Gas and Oil
Lot Three – Water
Lot Four – Value Added Tax
Lot Five – Estates
Lot Six – Accounts Payable
Lot Seven – Temporary Staffing
Lot Eight – Payroll
Lot Nine – Contract Compliance
Lot Ten – Software License Reviews
Lot Eleven – Managed Spend Reduction and Recovery Solutions

For the purposes of evaluation of Suppliers for appointment to the Framework Agreement each Tenderer will be required to pass selection criteria relevant to the type and nature of the procurement and Beneficiaries, tenders will then be assessed against the resources and charges associated with the delivery of the Framework Services.

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