Approved Supplier List (ASL) for the Provision of Nursing Home Services for Older People on the Isle of Wight Tender Closes 13th November

In 2017 the Authority published Care Close to Home: A New Strategy for Adult Social Care. This strategy sets out a vision to help people to maintain or improve their wellbeing and to live as independently as possible.

2. Service Description
This element of the specification identifies the service the Authority is seeking for the Supplier to deliver and the detail around that service.

Prior to December 2019 the Authority’s contracts with Suppliers for nursing care home services contained considerable detail about the tasks to be delivered as part of the service. The Authority has engaged with the care home market and from December 2019 wishes to contract on the basis of outcomes. This is intended to enable Suppliers more latitude to modernise care home services to meet emerging needs and expectations, and to exercise more flexibility in the use of resources to achieve outcomes in the context of continuing restraints on local authority budgets.

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