Augmented Writing Tool Department For Transport Tender Closes 7th November

The Department for Transport (DfT) invites proposals for an Augmented Writing Tool capable of analysing the text of job adverts in real time. It should be capable of scoring the text based on its effectiveness, as well as its appeal to minority and historically underrepresented groups. The tool will also be able to propose alternative wording, so as address weaknesses in this regard. The Department would also expect this system to measure accessibility, offer guidance on sentence structure, use of verbs, adjectives and nouns in real time.

The full suite of tender documents will be accessible through DfTs AWARD e-Sourcing portal. DfT shall issue the AWARD e-Sourcing portal registration to Tenderers requested through Contracts Finder. To permit this, tenderers will be required to register onto the e-Sourcing portal for this specific requirement.

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