Award Management System University of Bristol

The University of Bristol (UoB) has approved a business case to procure an Award Management System to
manage research (and research-related) grant costings.

The main objective of the procurement is to deliver a solution which:
– Produces fEC/TRAC compliant costs and prices
– Associates multiple costings with a research project
– Cost and prices complex research projects involving multiple internal organisational structures, funders
and external collaborators
– Has scheme templates for major funders provided as standard by the supplier
– Has the capability for the UoB to create Scheme templates for other funders
– Has a Dashboard with milestone information relating to the progress of research applications
– Integrates with the UoB ERP System for staff costings and project set up
– Integrates with the Case Management System for providing milestone information to the academic community
– Has the capability to configure, review and approval workflows
– Has the provision of funder specific submission reports for funder portals
– Records award acceptance information
– Generates standard and customised reports, for workflow tasks and approvals, and for application and
award data
– Exchanges data analytics with management information tools, such as Business Objects

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